Mo Bamba
Mo Bamba

The clouds of injury have always stayed over Los Angeles Lakers throughout the whole season this year. It is not something that came around only this season. The Lakers have been facing this problem for the last two years. Even as they close the gap toward the postseason, there are some players who are out because of injuries. Moreover, the superstar duo has always been speculated about injuries. Throughout the year, both superstars take so much pressure and load that it makes them susceptible to injuries. But their depth in the squad after the trade deadline has relieved some pressure off them.

The back-to-back schedule has posed some problems for the Lakers as they lack enough players on the squad. Even the superstar duo has no confirmation of whether they will be available. Anthony Davis sprained his ankle last week, but he has been playing it off as he was never hurt. Moreover, LeBron James has recently returned back in action after recovering from an injury. And both the superstars pushed themselves last night in the game against Utah Jazz to gain a position on the table. Apart from being an intense clash, the game also went ahead in overtime.


Mo Bamba Is Needed In The Squad

Lakers stars LeBron James, D'Angelo Russell and Anthony Davis. Source - heavy.

The Lakers showed great strength last night, with James scoring 37 points for the win. However, the status of the two superstars is still cloudy as Ham did not reveal any crucial details. But if LeBron and Anthony do not make an entrance, it will be a difficult game for Coach Ham’s side. And if the Lakers wish to give their city rivals a tough time. They will need the likes of Mo Bamba. But the problem with him is that he has been out of action since March 5.

The injury of Mo Bamba and Anthony Davis caused a downsize in the Lakers squad. This allowed many players to expose LA’s defense. However, things got better when Davis returned from his foot injury. If both of them miss the game tomorrow, the same problem will arise.

Impact of Mo Bamba’s Return On The Lakers

Mo Bamba's return. Source - NBA

The 24-year-old is huge in his build, and that promises a massive shot-blocking presence in the defense. He will really make a difference if he steps on the court, especially in the absence of AD. Apart from defense, he also has a talent for long-range shooting. This will give the Lakers an option to attack from deep.

As of this moment, Mo Bamba is getting reassessed to check his availability for the game against the Clippers. Even the Jovan Buha of The Athletic believes that Mo Bamba can make an appearance to grab the fifth position in the Western Conference.