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F1 Pundit Says Imola GP Cancellation Is More Of A Max Verstappen’s Loss Than Sergio Perez

This week’s Imola Grand Prix race comes down to a halt because of extreme weather disruption in northern Italy. And it looks like it can cost Max Verstappen as well as the FIA big time. Apparently, Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was one of the most anticipated events among the F1 fans. But apart from the fans, the cancellation news would have also shocked both Red Bull drivers. Verstappen & Sergio Perez both have been in tremendous form with the desired car. And this race could have been the cherry on top of winning the sixth consecutive race in the competition. But it looks like Perez and Verstappen will have to hold their horses further until the next Grand Prix.

The Imola Grand Prix is no ordinary venue for Formula One. The track is located in the heart of Italy with a rich history of iconic moments in the Romagna. Therefore, cancelling such a huge race would have let down many fans worldwide. And a loss of funds that will come to bite the FIA. The town of Romagna suffered heavy rainfall, which led to floods in many parts of the city. Therefore the officials of F1 had to cancel the race to avoid any problems with the weather extremities. But what does it mean for the reigning champion who won Imola Grand Prix consecutively in the past two years?


Peter Windsor Believes Imola Cancellation Will Hurt Max

The Red Bull drivers have been breathing down on each other’s necks since the start of the season. They pulled off an extraordinary car from the garage and ruled the tracks. With five out of five wins in the competition, they are untouchable from other teams at the moment. However, famous journalist Peter Windsor points out that this race cancellation could hurt Max in the long run. And according to him, Verstappen’s loss is more significant than what Checo will face.

Peter believes that the two Red Bull drivers will get very tight as the season ends in terms of the points. And when that happens, Max would look back at this canceled race to find the missing points. “It brings the total number of races – if they don’t replace it – down to 22, which I think a lot of Formula 1 people will breathe a little bit of a sigh of relief on that one,” said Peter. But on the other hand, it would also mean one less race for Max Verstappen to conquer. And looking at his past record, the track helps the Dutchman more than Sergio Perez.

Max Verstappen Continues His Other Passion In The Meantime

Max Verstappen-Red Bull
Max Verstappen On F1 Sim Source:

Elsewhere, as a result of the Grand Prix cancellation, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is set to take part in the Imola simulation racing organised by racing. The reigning F1 champion has other interests than the intense F1 racing professionally. He enjoys the world of simulation racing when he is not racing on the track.

In that event, the twenty drivers will compete against each other on the virtual Imola Circuit. Fans can witness the live stream on Team Redline’s Twitch channel for free. The stream will bring people from around the world and bring awareness to what happened in Romagna. It is also a fundraising event that will eventually help the city sustain and aid the floods.