Anthony Davis Lakers Vs Grizzlies
LOS ANGELES, CALIF. – MAR. 7, 2023. Los Angeles Lakers center Anthony Davis pulls down a rebound during the first half against the Memphis Grizzlies in an NBA game at Arena in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Mar. 7, 2023. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

The Lakers have waited for a long time in the current season to climb up to the top six teams in the Western Conference. But they had multiple obstacles to overcome to get there. Firstly, the Lakers started the season with the baggage that they had missed the postseason the previous year. Hence they needed some redemption in the current season. Perhaps it was just not meant to be. The front office figured out that the problem was in the roster.

They needed to make some severe changes to find a balance on the side. For that, if they had to give up some superstars, so be it. But after the February trade deadline was over, the issue of not having the right mix was fixed. The Lakers got some fine new entries. Hence, they were ready to move up on the table. It was until numerous injuries kept pushing the Lakers back. For the Los Angeles franchise, the hits just kept on coming.


Anthony Davis Says They Want To Reach The Top Six

Anthony Davis Lakers
Anthony Davis Lakers

At present, the way things stand suggests that LeBron James may miss the rest of the regular season or even the postseason. But the good news is the latest recruit of the Lakers, D’Angelo Russell, is back. Russell missed as many as six games due to an ankle injury, but now he is back with a bang. He scored an impressive 28 points in his comeback match against the Raptors, helping the Lakers to maintain their winning streak. The Lakers are still in the 9th place in the Western Conference. But it is just a matter of time before they get into the playoff position. With the current streak, the Lakers are a way in the play-in spot.

But the in-form Lakers star, Anthony Davis, feels it is just the beginning. AD believes they can go to the top. The eight-time All-Star mentioned that they wouldn’t be satisfied until they reach the playoffs directly. The Lakers will need to carry on the winning momentum to reach the top six. Fans and experts believe the AD-led side can get out of the Western Conference.

All these theories come after Anthony Davis has been on fire in the last three games. He is scoring more than 30 points per game in the previous few games, and he is taking rebounds as well as he is providing assists. But with the eight-time All-Star, there is always an injury concern. In the game against the Grizzlies, he missed an entire quarter due to a facial injury. But Anthony Davis came back pretty strong.

Shannon Sharpe Thinks Lakers Won’t Go Far With Just AD

Lakers DUO - LeBron James and Anthony Davis
LeBron James and Anthony Davis Lakers

Shannon Sharpe, the co-host of the Undisputed show with Skip Bayless, has voiced his opinion on what he thinks the future of the Lakers looks like. The 54-year-old retired football player thinks it is hard for any team without their two superstars to make the playoffs. Sharpe thinks King James will need to return to help the Lakers reach the Western Conference Finals.

The NFL Hall of Famer believes that with the terrific form Anthony Davis is currently having if LeBron James joins the force, then the Los Angeles franchise will be unstoppable. The Los Angeles franchise is improving the win-loss ratio as they now stand with 33-34, but still, they are below .500. The Lakers are slightly below with .493. However, if they manage to keep up the momentum, it will rise higher.