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“LeBron James In Dire Need Of Surgery,” Confirms Skip Bayless’ Source! Should Lakers’ Front Office Worry?

As almost everybody thinks, LeBron James is the only hope for the Lakers to find their place in the postseason. But things are not going in their way. Since the start of the current season, the Lakers have suffered from confusion. The team did not find the right balance, although had big names on its roster. The initial plan was to try with the superstar trio – LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook.

However, the plan failed because Russell Westbrook could not deliver for the team when he was needed the most. Anthony Davis was ruled out of several matches due to an injury. However, LeBron James was the only light shining very bright for the Lakers. Even after he turned 38, the King was doing things that were surprising everybody, including himself. However, his recent ankle injury has pulled down all the fans’ hopes of the Lakers reaching the playoffs. Up until yesterday, it was reported that James’ tendon injury would not need any surgery. However, this insider has revealed some crucial information about the Lakers’ ace that will worry you even more.


Skip Bayless’s Source Gives Shocking Information On Lakers’ Ace

The management disclosed that James has indeed sustained a tendon right foot injury. Also, the team will keep checking on him and will come to a decision in three weeks. However, there was also this rumor that LeBron James might return to the court in the game against the Thunder on March 24, 2023. Fans are hoping to see the King’s return in two to three weeks’ time.

But in the meantime, a piece of new information has come to light. The most infamous hater of King James, Skip Bayless, has provided shocking news to the fans and the NBA universe. According to sources of the worst critic of the King, LeBron James will need to undergo surgery on his right ankle. It is still not clear if the surgery has to happen right away or can wait a little longer.

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There are a lot of questions and speculations regarding the Bayless claims. Like how authentic is the source of Skip Bayless? But the last time Skip Bayless claimed something like this turned out to be true. Two years ago, when Skip said that, according to his sources, Kawhi Leonard needed surgery due to a partially torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament. The information was very accurate. Also, the same source said the surgery is vital if LeBron James wishes to play for another couple of years or more.

If the surgery needs to happen immediately, then it is safe to say that the hopes of the Lakers in the current season will die as the King won’t be able to participate anymore. Things are not looking good, though, because the Lakers have lost again despite the presence of Anthony Davis against the Timberwolves.   

Despite Injury Concerns, LeBron James Is Laker’s Only Hope

LeBron James
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Albeit, LeBron James was not devoid of injuries. But he fought through and kept the Lakers in the race for the postseason. Even then, without the right balance, the team had a lot of weaknesses to take care of. Finally, the Lakers managed to sign the kind of contract they had been looking for and traded Russell Westbrook. In exchange got players to strengthen the weak areas in the roster. The fans were delighted because, finally, the team was looking perfectly balanced.

That is when things fell apart again for the Lakers. The star of the side, LeBron James, sustained an injury in the game against the Dallas Mavericks. He lost his balance, slipped, and fell down in the third quarter. However, LeBron James was able to come back and finish the rest of the game. The Lakers won the match against the Mavericks coming back from a 27-point deficit. But James mentioned that he heard a pop in his right foot. Later when the team came back to Los Angeles, the doctors examined the injury. After the examination, it came to light that LeBron James will stay out for at least a couple of weeks.