Oct 28, 2022; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns (32) drives around Los Angeles Lakers forward Wenyen Gabriel (35) in the first quarter at Target Center. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Lakers did not start their campaign well in the current season. The 2020 NBA champions have lost their stronghold ever since. The Lakers were in a state of confusion in the beginning with their roster. The team could not present a well-balanced lineup. Pelinka and Ham thought that Westbrook would be a good fit, along with the stunning pair of James and Davis.

Hence, the star-studded team believing in the trio started their season. But it was very clear the team and its roster lacked firepower and reliability in quite a few positions. As a result, the Lakers have been loitering at the bottom of the table for a long time. And now, when the squad is in desperate need of most wins, the Lakers again ended up on the losing side against Timberwolves last night!


Has LeBron James’ Injury Made Things Difficult For The Lakers?

LeBron James Anthony Davis Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James and Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers)

Finally, after giving up Westbrook and, in return getting quality players to fill the gaps made, the Lakers look ready for a turnaround. Until things fell apart again with a storm of injuries rushing toward their roster. The primary concern has been the injury of the Laker’s star all-time leading scorer in his right foot. LeBron James is out for an uncertain period, with a chance of making a return on March 24. But the question is can the Lakers stay alive till the King returns?

As things are moving on, it does not look good. The Lakers have a chance to get to the postseason, but they are wasting it. Despite Anthony Davis being in the lineup against Timberwolves, the Lakers lost again. To increase their bets, the Lakers need a winning streak. After the loss against Minnesota, the Los Angeles franchise has only 18 games left to turn things around. The coach is naturally pissed after his team wastes another opportunity.

Darvin Ham Urges The Players To Buckle Up

Darvin Ham made it clear to his team that after this loss, they have to focus a lot more on the games. The head coach asks his players why it is so hard for them to hold onto their focus for just three hours in the whole day. Albeit, many are accusing Ham of using the rotation of the players wrong. Ham expressed his anguish reminding the players that they get big bucks for playing basketball and being part of this world. Darvin Ham urges his players to prove that they are worthy of the big bucks they get.

Anthony Davis started pretty well, and after the game, he had scored 38 points, along with five rebounds and a couple of blocks. Malik Beasley displayed an excellent performance scoring 15 points along with eight rebounds. Beasley was right on the money every time he got the ball around the offense. Malik showed confidence and proved yet again that he is a terrific shooter. During the absence of the King, players like Malik Beasley will come in very handy to the support of Anthony Davis. It is still a pity, though, despite these players’ good performances, they cannot seem to get the team over the line. Only time will tell if and how the Lakers qualify for or miss yet another postseason.