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“LeBron James & Anthony Davis Can’t See Eye To Eye Anymore”, Claims NBA Hall Of Famer

NBA Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett recently made headlines with comments on the Los Angeles Lakers star duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The LA Lakers are in a tough spot this season, toiling hard for a playoff spot. As of this writing, the purple and gold sit at 11th on the Western Conference points table with 30-34. Moreover, they have 19 games from here on to make that final push and somehow manage to get into the top 8. However, the odds have significantly gone down after LeBron James’ injury update.


LeBron James, the Lakers’ lead point scorer this season, suffered a major blow in his right foot during the game against Dallas Mavericks. The forward was all over the court, attacking and blocking the ball from both ends. However, during a run, the veteran tripped and heard a pop on his right foot ankle. Despite this, James’ stood up and finished the game. However, things went south post-game as his latest medical updates are discouraging.

Kevin Garnett Sense A Rift Between Lakers Dynamic Duo

Anthony Davis
The Lakers’ three most important players are on the bench Wednesday. (Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports)

Last night, LeBron James was diagnosed with a right foot tendon injury which will keep him out of action for three straight weeks. On top of that, a reevaluation will be scheduled after three weeks to determine the further course of action. With this, the entire load of the Lakers falls on Anthony Davis, who himself has been reeling under a persistent foot injury. AD opted to sit out of the previous against the Thunders to manage his workload. However, an NBA hall of Famer, Kevin Garnett, had an interesting take on the entire situation.

Kevin Garnett appeared on the Ticket And The Truth podcast and decoded LeBron James’ relationship with Anthony Davis. He said with LeBron gone, the Lakers had put Anthony Davis on a watch list. From hereon, they will monitor Davis’ progress and see if he is capable of carrying the Lakers to the playoffs. Further, if AD fails the test, he might be on his way out next season. On the other hand, Kevin made a bold claim saying that AD and LeBron are not bonding well as the former did not celebrate 38 year’s old historic feat.

“No one wants to say this, they ain’t rocking,” says Kevin Garnett.

LeBron James Escapes Surgery After Grave Injury

LeBron James
LeBron James Sent Out A Tweet After The Lakers Beat The Thunder © Provided by FastBreak on FanNation

Meanwhile, LeBron James has made a narrow escape as he successfully managed to avoid surgery for a grave right foot injury. After hearing a pop, the veteran resumed playing, which worsened his injury even further. Moreover, after assessments, the Lakers’ medical team came to the conclusion that LeBron was suffering from a right tendon injury that would take about three weeks to heal.

This means the 38-year-old can make a comeback if all things go well. Further, three weeks equal 9-10 (50% of Lakers remaining games) games that LeBron is all set to miss. For now, especially after the last loss, the Lakers’ playoff qualification chances certainly look very bleak. They need divine intervention to save them from this critical situation.