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Max Versatppen Lewis Hamilton

The rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen is something that represents what the Formula One battle means. Two drivers never leaving chances to strike, always ends up colliding on track, with no interaction off the track, parted ways, yet in mind repeating names of each other. This is what gets follows in the plot of Hamilton vs. Verstappen not only after the championship battle of 2021 but long before that.

Max Verstappen is famous for his aggressive racing tactics. He doesn’t think twice before kicking off the rivals working as an obstacle between him and the finish line. And as Lewis Hamilton mostly comes in front, he gets most attacks by Verstappen. Many fans, including F1 pundits, claim that Max targets Hamilton intentionally because of his seven crowns.

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What happened in 2021 was a practical form of what Verstappen holds for the rival Hamilton. Not only once, but twice, thrice, and several times, they collided on the track with cars and off the track with words. The Briton emerged to criticize Verstappen’s insane moves he takes toward the drivers beside him.

Apparently, none of Vertsappen’s acts develop a sense of love in Hamilton’s heart, and he openly describes his not-so-lovely relationship with the Red bull driver. But this is not the case with Verstappen; he instead denies speaking badly about his biggest enemy. Shocking everyone, Max tends to claim that Lewis Hamilton, the one with whom he fights, is no ordinary but “the greatest of all time.”

Max Verstappen Claims Lewis Hamilton Is “The Greatest Of All Ever.”

Lewis Hamilton
Max Versatppen Lewis Hamilton

The Dutchman disagreed with the statements that determined his and Hamilton’s relationship as bitter. “We don’t have a difficult relationship,” he said. Indeed, Max has a closer relationship with others, as he said, but with Hamilton, it’s not too far; it’s just “quite straightforward.”

The differences between the pair come from the lifestyle they proceed. “We are not similar in that regard,” Max spoke with the Daily Mail. He believes that they might have had a little worst fierce battle in 2021. But it certainly does not remove the respect they have for each other. “Lewis Hamilton is definitely one of the greatest drivers of all time. I cannot deny this fact. His key is consistency, staying on the top of his game,” Max continued.

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Max Verstappen (Red Bull) Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

According to the reigning world champion, things are not so hard when you are skilled enough, which Hamilton is. The way the seven-time world champion manages to win seems very impressive to the 25-year-old Max. He respects Hamilton more because when there was a need to stand up, he did and made a difference in Formula one.

On the other hand, even if it is true that Max Verstappen always crashes the Mercedes 44 car intentionally because inside the car sits Hamilton, it is actually a good thing. Lewis himself came to defend Verstappen for this particular act, claiming it was natural. It is the same thing that the seven crown holder did with Alonso Fernando during his championship era.