Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton – (Mercedes) Formula One

Sir Lewis Hamilton is keen to get back to the title contention for the 2023 season. Everybody knows he can go really fast, but to win the whole season always needs the perfect combination of the driver and the car. The problem for Hamilton and the team last year was their inefficient car. The poor W13 cost the Brackley-based team the entire 2022 F1 season. The porpoising issue caused too much bounce, and it hurt the drivers. They suffered from back and neck pain and received a lot of bruises. But Mercedes wanted to come far away from those troubles when they start their journey in 2023. Team boss Toto Wolff along with the engineers, wanted to provide the drivers with a car sans the issues faced in the last season.

Mercedes W14
Mercedes W14 F1 Team

Finally, they managed to build the W14 car, which proved in the three days of testing that it bounces very little compared to the previous season’s car. However, the W14 car has got issues with the balance. Lewis Hamilton expressed his disappointment saying that he had a feeling while driving the vehicle for the first time that even 2023 would be a tough season for Mercedes. The chief engineer of the team, Andrew Shovlin, highlighted the bright side mentioning that the car is very calm compared to its predecessor. Albeit everybody on the team is very happy about that fact.


Lewis Hamilton Thinks Red Bull & Ferrari Are Way Ahead Now

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

Nonetheless, the seven-time champion, Lewis Hamilton, worries that the car is not ready to help them win races yet. He feels that, at present, Red Bull and Ferrari are way ahead in the title contention race. Hamilton explains why he feels that way pointing at the car and the work that is needed at the moment. In two days’ time, the opening Grand Prix of the new season will begin. But W14 is not giving the Mercedes family too much hope. However, Lewis Hamilton again mentioned that it is a far better situation than what was precisely a year ago. Last year after the three days of pre-season tests, the team was confused about how to deal with the porpoising and the resultant bouncing.

In 2023 there will be no such confusion. But it will take time to get the W14 ready to compete with RB19 and SF-23. There will be many more Grand Prixs this season in comparison to the previous seasons. There will be as many as 24 races as scheduled for the 2023 F1 calendar. Hence, Mercedes will have more time than last year. Perhaps then the car will be ready to win races and eventually the title. Lewis Hamilton and his fans will hope that he gets the best car. Then he can display his ultimate best to win the coveted eighth title. A lot will depend on how things go this season. That will determine if Hamilton will stay with Mercedes and extend their contract. Or can even think of retirement like his former rival, but good friend Sebastian Vettel did last year.