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Why Is The Lakers Squad So Good At Defense With The New Traded Players?

The Lakers did not have a great start to the current season. Firstly, the team was in a state of confusion about finding the right mix. With all the chaos, the team also suffered several injuries. The Lakers missed Anthony Davis for many games due to an injury he sustained in last December. LeBron James was performing exceedingly well but could not take the team to the play-in rankings. In the midst of this confusion, Rob Pelinka and the front office decided to reshuffle the team and fill in the gaps. The front office was able to buy some quality players that helped the team find the balance. And that has resulted in some amazing results for the Lakers squad.

Transformation Of Defense After The February Trade

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis at his very best for the Lakers

Before the February trade, the Lakers were very weak at defense. Hence the team could not capitalize on the outstanding performances of their players in the attack. The team had a great attack, but the weak defense was just ruining the efforts of the forward. But the team looks solid, and a tight mix after the trade deadline was over in February. Albeit the team has been facing a lot of trouble with injuries. LeBron James is out for an uncertain period with a tendon foot injury. But the man every Lakers fan had an eye on, Anthony Davis, needed to take the team to the postseason. He is doing just that.


It is very prominent that Anthony Davis is scoring with an incredible average in the last three games, but people need to remember that he is a complete package. Like in offense, like in defense, Anthony Davis is turning things around for the Lakers. All of a sudden, the recent stats show that the Lakers are the best among many teams in defense. Anthony Davis has been a big difference since King James was out. AD has managed to get the team into the top 10. The Lakers realize how strong the defense is for any team to do well. As a result, the change in defensive tactics has provided the Lakers with stability in the current season.

How Good Is The Defense Of The Lakers At Present?

Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers
Anthony Davis, Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers

After the February trade, the Lakers look tough to penetrate, with a rating on defense at 108.9, which is the best in the current season. The Lakers have conceived the 2nd lowest field goal with a 50.6%. Anthony Davis has been the glue that holds the team’s offense and defense together these last few games. As AD has allowed only 41.9% of field goals against him. That is the best overall in the current season. Anthony Davis had a lot to take on his shoulder after James was ruled out, and D’Angelo Russell was also unavailable.

But fortunately for the Lakers, Russell is back too. Against the Raptors, he scored an impressive 28 points on his return. The fans will hope that Russell provides quality support to Anthony Davis in the remaining 16 games for the Los Angeles franchise in the regular season. Head coach Darvin Ham feels the Lakers are prepared for every scenario as they have been through a lot. Good or bad, better or worse, the team is stronger than ever to keep moving forward.