Earlier in the summer trade window, the rumors of Los Angeles trying to recruit Kyrie Irving were all-around. Some news outlets even reported that LeBron James James visited Irving and tried to convince him to join the \’Purple and Gold\’. However, things did not move ahead, and the Lakers hired Patrick Beverley instead. Meanwhile, now the rumors are again swirling that what couldn\’t happen may turn into reality in 2023. 

Is Kyrie Irving Coming To The Lakers In 2023?

The Los Angeles Lakers were frequently mentioned in connection with Brooklyn Nets standout point guard Kyrie Irving during the 2022 NBA summer. The fact that Irving would eventually make it to Los Angeles Lakers seemed obvious at a point. However, he is still a member of the Nets and is preparing for a potential comeback in 2022–2023. Yet, reports are claiming that his time with the Nets is not very long.


Irving\’s refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccine caused tensions between him and the Nets to grow a little last season. Before the late March legal change, he could not participate in any home games owing to restrictions imposed by New York City. Many people believed Irving\’s time in Brooklyn ended after the club had a dismal season, especially considering their great lineup. That thought has only become stronger. In particular, Irving is in the last year of his deal. Brooklyn was certain that it would not extend Irving\’s contract.

Irving has had several off-the-court difficulties dating back to his tenure with the Boston Celtics. Many people have speculated that Kyrie wants to go to Los Angeles this summer. It would result in a \”reunion\” with LeBron James, a former teammate. In 2016, they won the NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Recently, many people have called the Lakers the potential next stop for Irving. Many people think Irving will move to Los Angeles in the upcoming summer, even if it could not be through a trade. Stephen A. Smith of ESPN predicted on October 12 that Kyrie Irving would not re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets. The broadcaster predicted that the All-NBA guard would sign the Lakers to reconnect with LeBron James.

Fans Hilariously Demand Irving To Join The Lakers!

Even though Los Angeles Lakers couldn\’t work out a trade deal this year to hire Kyrie Irving, the fans of the team have still not given up on the idea. A video of a die-hard Lakers fan trying to convince Irving to do to don the Purple and Gold is recently going viral on the internet. While Kyrie was out interacting with fans and signing T-shirts, a young fan yelling Irving to join the Lakers. Although we don\’t know how fruitful the fans\’ effort will be, it still is downright hilarious to watch. 

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