Russell Westbrook

The news cycle has been ruled by the reports of the Lakers Trading their point guard Russell Westbrook. But things did not move forward. When we think that the rumors of the Lakers trying to trade Russell Westbrook have stopped, some fresh news comes our way. Meanwhile, recently, the reports have resurfaced. 

Are The Lakers Still Trying To Trade Russell Westbrook?

The Los Angeles Lakers had no option but to accept their condition. And go into the following season with a positive attitude after a dismal season and an uncertain summer. While this is happening, Russell Westbrook will be crucial to the team\’s success. He likely would have loved to be traded during the winter. He has embraced his stay in Los Angeles and is eager to make the most of his circumstances. But now reports are brewing that the team may still be looking to trade off Westbrook.


Lakers\’ major talking point over the past year has been Westbrook and his potential for success with the team. Russell Westbrook will still be under contract for one more year and about $47 million in the 2022–2023 season. The Lakers have so far been unable to trade Westbrook\’s expiring deal because of their lack of draft assets. Thus, he will join the squad to start the season with the hopes of succeeding under the leadership of new head coach Darvin Ham.

For their part, the Lakers have maintained their commitment to their so-called \”big three\” on paper. And have offered Russ nothing but encouragement as he searches for his position in the team. However, a story by ESPN\’s Adrian Wojnarowski claims that the Lakers would continue to look to deal with Russ throughout the season. Teams can trade players till the trade window closes in February. The information was released shortly after it was revealed that Westbrook would sit out Los Angeles\’ last preseason game.


Still, it seems unlikely that the Lakers will be able to deal with Westbrook straight away. Rob Pelinka may have more alternatives as the season progresses and more clubs start tanking to enter the Victor Wembanyama sweepstakes. The Lakers and Indiana Pacers made the closest transaction during the summer when Myles Turner and Buddy Hield were exchanged for Westbrook. The Pacers are probably one of the clubs the Lakers will again get in touch with to arrange a deal because they are predicted to be one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference.

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