John Cena Wants Conor McGregor In WWE, Thinks He Would Be Fantastic

WWE legend and famous Hollywood actor John Cena recently had an interview in which he talked about the UFC legend Conor Mcgregor. The 16 times World Champion in WWE provided his opinions on the guy who held several belts in UFC. Cena seems to be a fan of McGregor, and he wants to see him performing in WWE.

The leader of Cenation chatted with Dan Partick on That Scene and praised the charismatic personality of Conor McGregor. The latter has teased his WWE appearance quite a lot of times and was involved in a Twitter feud with several wrestlers as well. The great thing is that McGregor never denied the possibility of him ending up in WWE. John Cena thinks it is the right time for him to come to the promotion. He also believed that Mcgregor would be fantastic inside the squared circle.


During That Scene, John Cena stated that it is entertainment and the one has to buy the reality. He added that he doesn\’t watch MMA often, but it is a true fight sport for him. But then there is a guy like Conor McGregor who has a great personality and will talk to the people in the building. In his case, one cannot be neutral, you will root for him, or you will be against him. Cena also stated how he could make people buy his fight like he did when he fought against Mayweather or Ali.

John Cena also thinks that with this personality, he would be a fantastic fit for WWE. Conor is what the wrestlers do in WWE. He also added that it is a little less predictable. The surprises in WWE are getting people to show up and choose your adventure into a different lane. Whereas the surprises for him are a few knocked-out teeth or getting an operation. Not to mention, it doesn\’t happen in WWE, but mistakes did happen. John Cena ended his statement by saying that he is a fan of Mcgregor and wants to see him perform in WWE.

John Cena & Conor McGregor\’s Last Bouts

Conor McGregor lost his last UFC bout against Dustin Poirier at UFC 267 in July, and in the same match, he broke his ankle as well. Whereas John Cena recently made his return to WWE. He also lost his last match that took place in the main event of SummerSlam against Roman Reigns.

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