Aaron Judge
New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge bats during the third inning of the team’s baseball game against the Oakland Athletics on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, in New York. Judge reached first base on a fielding error by Jace Peterson, and Jose Trevino scored. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

The New York Yankees locked horns with a dispirited Oakland Athletics for the final game of the series. The Yankees were already leading 2-0 and had nothing to lose. On the other hand, the Athletics had their pride as a team at stake and looked to avoid a series sweep. However, the highly aggressive offense from Aaron Judge led Bronx Bombers rattled the Oakland pitchers, who couldn’t help but watch disaster pan out in dismay.

At the end of nine innings, the New York Yankees took home a thumping victory by 11-3 and gained some much-needed momentum for the challenging upcoming stretch. Meanwhile, the Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, who returned from injury in this series, had an unusual encounter with an unwanted guest during his crucial at-bat in the sixth inning. However, the unwanted guest failed to break the concentration of the 6-foot-7 tall guy who looked determined to make a difference.


Aaron Judge Bugged By A Moth While Batting Against Athletics

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge during BP at Yankee Stadium. via Yankees Twitter

New York Yankees star slugger and captain Aaron Judge eased the fan’s worries when he made his return from IL this week. Judge, who strained his hip a couple of weeks ago, was placed on a 10-day IL as a precautionary measure. The stint came to an end on Tuesday, and the slugger was reinstated accordingly with no restrictions whatsoever. Further, the Yankees directly placed him on the lineup as the team took on the Athletics for the final game of the series. However, during an at-bat in the sixth inning, Aaron Judge had a moth making a surprise visit.

YES Broadcaster Michael Kay spotted the bug landing on Judge’s shoulder and making its way all the way down to his neck. While the spectators were grossed out watching the moth’s trajectory, the slugger looked highly unfazed by it. Batting at 2-2, Judge had to avoid a strikeout and devoted his whole focus on the upcoming crucial pitch. Eventually, the captain managed to earn a walk with the bug still accompanying him on the first base. Post the game, Aaron Judge said he did not feel the bug as he had larger things to worry about. Judge reckoned he was facing a guy who was throwing at him 95 miles an hour. Hence, even if a million moths landed on his shoulder, it would not have bothered him. Clearly, he remained highly determined to drive the pitch for a walk.

Yankees Skipper Delighted To Welcome Their “Leader” Back In The Lineup

Aaron Judge Aaron Boone
(Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

New York Yankees received a massive boost ahead of the series against Oakland Athletics as they welcomed back their captain, Aaron Judge, back into the lineup. The slugger had been serving time on IL due to mild hip strain. Moreover, during his absence, the Yankees lost as many as six games in a span of 10 days. Hence, Judge’s return was seen as a welcoming sight for the team’s struggling offense.

Aaron Boone spoke about Judge’s return and referred to him as one of the great players of the game momentarily. Boone further termed Aaron Judge as the team’s leader. The skipper feels the addition of the slugger into the lineup will provide much-needed length to the team’s struggling offense. Also, the only missing piece of the formidable lineup remains Giancarlo Stanton. Hence, once he returns, things will slowly fall back into place for the Yankees.