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Lakers’ Coach Darvin Ham Slams Warriors Coach For Accusing Lakers Of Flopping

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently locking horns with Golden State Warriors in the second-round playoff series. After trailing 1-3, the Warriors staged an inspiring comeback in Game 5 to stay alive in the series. Andrew Wiggins and Steph Curry remained the top contributors. Now, the caravan will move back to LA for the crucial and decisive Game 6.

Meanwhile, a war of mind games has broken out between the two stalwart teams. The Warriors had their backs up against the wall after the Game 4 loss, and their coach, Steve Kerr, cried foul in the post-game interview. Kerr indirectly accused the Lakers of flopping the match officials to gain unfair foul calls. But looks like the comments did not sit too well with the Lakers coach, who clapped back at the Warriors leader.


Darvin Ham Responds To Steve Kerr’s Flopping Accusations

Darvin Ham
Los Angeles Lakers Coach Darvin Ham Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In a recent development, Steve Kerr, the coach for the Golden State Warriors, criticized the Lakers for flopping during a game. The coach said the Lakers, as a team, play with a lot of gamesmanship and knows how to “generate” calls. Hence, he found those foul calls quite disappointing. Kerr’s remarks added fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding flopping in the NBA and raised questions about sportsmanship and the responsibility of coaches in addressing such matters. However, Darvin Ham, the Purple and Gold army’s head coach, defended his team and snapped back at the Warriors’ coach.

Coach Ham clapped back at Steve Kerr and said he does not teach his players how to flop and fool the match officials. Instead, he teaches his players to play aggressively and attack from the front. The debate surrounding flopping has been a long withstanding issue in the NBA for years. Flopping refers to the exaggerated movements made by players to deceive referees into calling a foul on their opponents. While some argue that it is a strategic move to gain an advantage, others believe that it tarnishes the integrity of the game and undermines fair competition.

Lakers Players Slams Warriors Coach For “Flopping” Comment

Dennis Schroder
Rick Bowmer – staff, AP

It seems like Steve Kerr’s flopping accusations have irked the Lakers to the core. After Darvin Ham called out the Warrior’s head for mindless accusation, the Lakers players now rally behind him to defend the team. A prominent LA player who chose to stay anonymous apparently told NBA insider Chris Haynes that the Warriors could whine and complain all they want. It just shows the team’s weakness and frustration. For the Lakers, they can’t let it get to their heads, as their ultimate goal is winning.

On the other hand, Dennis Shroder, the Lakers guard, issued a clarification on the whole flopping issue. Dennis said that when illegal screens are set, the players need to show officials that the opposition is moving along the screens. It’s their job as players to bring the referrer’s attention to it, or else the decision-makers would never call it a foul. Overall, the entire controversy has guaranteed more action and drama for the upcoming two games of the series.