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“It’s Like Westbrook,” Skip Bayless Warns Los Angeles Lakers Ahead Of Trae Young Signing!

Los Angeles Lakers have locked up 13 fixed contracts ahead of the 2023-24 NBA season. While they need to secure two more spots to reach the allowed limit, LA has a tradition of maintaining one empty spot. Earlier rumors suggested that the purple and gold might want to add a center option since they lack depth in that department.

Amid this, the rumor mill has linked the Lakers to Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young. However, self-proclaimed NBA analyst and controversial TV presenter Skip Bayless is against the move. He believes that if LA tried to secure Young, they would be calling upon another Russell Westbrook situation on themselves.


Skip Bayless Urges Lakers To Avoid Another Russell Westbrook Situation With Trae Young!

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Los Angeles Lakers, with a strong influence of LeBron James, signed PG Russell Westbrook in 2021. The nine-time All-Star guard was a promising talent. But his talent did not yield fruitful results in LA. Westbrook was unable to move the ball and struggled massively in scoring positions. The tensions grew in the locker room as the pressure of consecutive losses was piling up. The purple and gold had to cut off ties with Russell in 2023 as he went down as one of the worst moves in the club’s history. Now, Skip Bayless has warned LA of yet another incoming Westbrook situation. Well, it’s not hidden now that the Lakers have set eyes on Trae Young, as his situation with the Hawks is constantly evolving.

While Trae Young‘s addition to the Lakers roster would seem a stellar deal, it does not make sense to Skip Bayless. He said that he would never take Young on his team and called him ‘Mice Trae’ because of his short height. Further, Bayless made some logical points and put out concerning statistics. Skip added that Trae Young’s 3-point shooting percentage is just 33.5%, which is horrible in his eyes. “It’s a bad combination. It’s like Westbrook. Since he [Young] came into the league, he’s been a liability on defense,” concluded Bayless. For a change, Skip’s analysis is not completely false this time. Young is indeed a great passer, but LA already has better options in LeBron James and Austin Reaves. While it’s impossible to predict if he will turn out like another Westbrook, Trae Young would definitely struggle in LA!

LA Might Have To Settle With Christian Wood After All

Christian Wood
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Lakers were trying to sign veteran center Christian Wood as he entered free agency this off-season. However, LA’s purse could only offer him a veteran minimum contract for which Wood refused to settle. In the meantime, the team looked elsewhere but failed to attract a good fit. Now, it seems the franchise will have to come back to square one.

Lakers and Christian Wood will settle if both parties run out of options. Wood is a good defender and can come off the bench to assist Anthony Davis in times of need. Time is ticking, and both parties have to come to a consensus. Wood could miss a season if he fails to hit a breakthrough, whereas LA will lack center depth.