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CHECKOUT: Russell Westbrook Engages In Trash Talk With Former Lakers Legend!

Point guard Russell Westbrook’s tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers did not end well. He joined the team in 2021 owing to strong backing from LeBron James. Apparently, it was James who called the shots at the front office. While the 38-year-old considered him an asset, Westbrook proved to be an absolute disaster in the purple and gold.

Russell Westbrook’s playing style did not match that of the Lakers. Moreover, he refused to back down and played like his true self. This led to a lot of tension between the team management and the point guard, as the latter was eventually ousted in 2023. Having said that, Westbrook had built strong relationships with LA’s finest, and an interesting video has been making rounds lately.


Old Video Of Trash Talk Between Russell Westbrook And Kobe Bryant Goes Viral

Credit: Sports Illustrated

Kobe Bryant, often referred to as Black Mamba, is an iconic figure in the world of basketball. His incredible talent, unwavering work ethic, and numerous accolades have solidified his status as one of the greatest players in NBA history. Kobe offered his services to the LA Lakers for 20 long years before retiring in 2016. Unfortunately, the guard passed away in a horrific helicopter crash in 2020. But his legacy continues to live on. In his two-decade-long career, Bryant built strong relationships with a lot of greats, including Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Moreover, he believed in shaping up potential youngsters by passing on his strong work ethic and incredible basketball IQ.

Russell Westbrook was one such player who wooed Kobe Bryant. He once referred to the point guard as the most athletic player he ever matched up against. Both the hotheads were extremely competitive and often locked horns on the court. A clip of one such trash-talking incident has been going viral lately. Kobe enjoyed trash-talking, but this time, he was hit by Westbrook. During a practice session of Team USA, the point guard challenged Mamba, saying, “You can’t do anything about that one.” Bryant instantly replied, “Come here and get it,” while staring him down from top to bottom. Having said that, it is not uncommon for players to engage in verbal battles during practices. It is a way to stoke their competitive fires and push each other to perform at their best. In many ways, such exchanges are a testament to the intensity and passion that drive players to greatness.

Patrick Beverly Slams Lakers For Mistreating Russell Westbrook!

Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Russell Westbrook’s ouster from the Lakers was a painful episode. The point guard was allegedly heckled and disrespected in the locker room. Meanwhile, an ex-Laker teammate of Westbrook, Patrick Beverly, has come out to call out LA for their ill-treatment. In Gil’s Arena podcast, Pat Bev revealed that people nicknamed Russell “Westbrick.”

He believes that for a man who has broken numerous records and shot 40% from three for the Lakers, Russell Westbrook certainly didn’t deserve to be called degrading names. Patrick Beverley strongly believes that LA could have handled the point guard’s situation better and at least bid a respectful farewell.