The 2021 season of Formula One witnessed one of the most fierce and heated rivalries between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The rivalry has been so intense sometimes that it got ugly at drastic levels. However, before it was Verstappen and Hamilton, the rivalry between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton was the most iconic in Formula One. Although, the rivalry between the two never got ugly, and both shared a special bond from time to time. Now, as Vettel has already announced his retirement, Hamilton has some kind words for his former competitor.

Lewis Hamilton Opens Up About Bittersweet Friendship With Sebastian Vettel!

For the F1 World Championship, Lewis Hamilton has competed against Sebastian Vettel many times. Now, in retrospect, the Briton thinks that the respect the duo had for one another allowed them to deviate from the intended course and develop a friendship. This might be coming from the seven-time world champion after Vettel\’s sad announcement. Sebastian Vettel, the four-time F1 World Champion, has lately announced that he would retire from Formula One at the conclusion of the 2022 season.


With the exception of Vettel\’s Safety Car \”bump\” into Hamilton in Baku, the 2017 and 2018 seasons were frequently a direct competition between the drivers of the Mercedes and then-Ferrari cars. Both drivers managed to compete decently while pushing their limits. Given that both Hamilton and Vettel had their racing debuts in 2007, there are many similarities between their professional careers. They experienced moments of dominance over the sport as well as their share of close matches in between.

When Sebastian Vettel announced his retirement, Hamilton did not hold back in applauding his former arch-rival. Lewis Hamilton has remarked that Vettel is one of the greatest people he has met on the Formula One circuit.

Lewis also talked about the friendship that the two share. He stated, \”It\’s hard to be friends when you\’re in a face-to-face battle where one of you wins, and one of you doesn\’t. The psychological warfare you go through is tough.\” However, the entire Formula One fanbase has seen the two always manage to overcome the on-track battle and have mutual respect for each other. Hamilton is also grateful to have spent time with Vettel in his career.

Hamilton And Vettel\’s Activism In F1!

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have consistently been the sport\’s most outspoken drivers on social issues. The duo has spoken about several social and contentious topics, like racial and gender injustice, both within and outside of Formula One. They have also protested the anti-gay legislation in Formula One. 


Back in the time, Vettel received appreciation from Lewis Hamilton for backing his anti-racism efforts. Throughout the 2020 season, Vettel frequently stood next to Hamilton as the British driver knelt in a show of defiance against racial injustice. He has also waged a fierce crusade in support of other environmental and human rights causes. Clearly, the duo has a similar mindset, which bonds them together more than getting separated by their rivalry.

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