Aaron Judge
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According to the latest developments, New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge will likely play left field in spring training next week.

The New York Yankees’ spring training campaign is in full force, as the team has already played six games in a span of less than a week. On Wednesday, they faced the Washington Nationals and sealed the game 4-2. Moreover, the front office fielded the regular lineup from last season as most of the key players made their much-awaited debuts. However, the management is still looking to try out different combinations before the opening day.


Meanwhile, spring training has become a platform for the Yankees to hold auditions for the multiple holes on the roster. However, the front office, along with captain Aaron Judge, is taking a whole different route this season when it comes to experimenting. Further, the think tank has now devised a highly unusual plan to end its long-standing left-field woes.

Aaron Judge To Experiment At Left Field, Confirms Aaron Boone

Aaron Judge-Aaron Boone
Aaron Boone was unable to offer any insight into Aaron Judge’s free agency on Tuesday night. Getty Images

The left field woes of the New York Yankees are long withstanding. After months of contemplation during the off-season, the team finally decided to try out Aaron Hicks on the left. However, this was not enough for the Yank as they looked for alternatives. A few days ago, rumors surfaced that the Yankees’ newly minted captain, Aaron Judge, has volunteered to sacrifice his dominant right-field position and is willing to move left. While fans considered these as just rumors and conjectures, Judge is in no mood to fool around.

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone has announced that Aaron Judge will begin playing in left field next week, in addition to his usual position in right field. Judge has played in the right field throughout his major league career, but he occasionally played in center field last season due to the unavailability of key players. However, the left remains an entirely undiscovered position for Judge. He last played in left during his rookie season, before the major league debut. Hence, the move is surprising. But Aaron Judge is all in and wants to try out different things to help the team.

Judge Recalls Last Season’s Booing Incident

New York Yankees fan base is ruthless when it comes to their sport. Last season, the Yankees’ best player, Aaron Judge, who achieved the historic feat of 62 home runs in a single MLB season, got booed by the crowd during ALCS. The Yanks struggled against the Houston Astros and eventually ended up losing the game. The irony is that it was only because of the slugger that the Yankees managed to qualify for the ALCS in the first place.

Aaron Judge
Desiree Rios/The New York Times

Recalling the incident, Aaron Judge said he had no problem getting booed as it’s not the first time he faced heckling. Judge further added that he could understand the fans’ emotions as the team was not performing well, and they looked clearly disappointed. Furthermore, he even went on to say that if he had been a crowd member, he would have probably booed too.