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“It Was Affecting My Well-Being,” Yankees Anthony Rizzo Recounts Concussion Horror

Anthony Rizzo, known as the dependable first baseman of the New York Yankees, had a tumultuous journey in the 2023 season. He was the most active hitter in the first half and then transitioned into the worst in the second half. And a harmless tackle was found to be the core reason behind his struggles.

Anthony Rizzo was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome two months after he collided with Padres hitter Fernando Tatis Jr in a series game. It affected his memory and reflexes and eventually ruled him out of season. Meanwhile, ahead of the rebound season, Rizzo recollected the horrific memories of what he had endured during the two months of a difficult phase.


Anthony Rizzo Confirms Concussion Is A “Non-Issue” Ahead Of 2024 Season

Anthony Rizzo Yankees
Anthony Rizzo Yankees Source: WWNY

Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo was a different man on the plate after a collision incident with Tatis Jr. He struggled for two months before the Yankees figured that something was wrong. After Rizzo complained of memory loss and brain fog episodes, the team conducted tests that ruled post-concussion syndrome diagnosis. Eventually, the team decided to shut him down for the 2023 season. Meanwhile, ahead of a new season, Rizzo confirmed that he is way past the concussion issues and is feeling confident and positive this spring session. Furthermore, the baseman recalled the horror and revealed how the after-effect of the collision affected his mental well-being. He felt he was crazy at times. But was happy to have had the advanced tests early.

“It was hard to admit that because you don’t look for excuses as a baseball player,” said Anthony Rizzo. The first baseman explained he felt like being drunk all throughout the day because his head felt heavy. He was sleeping more than usual and still wasn’t feeling refreshed. Moreover, a couple of memory loss episodes sounded off the alarm bell for Rizzo as he decided to address his complaint with the medical staff. Also, the infielder added that he could have played through the concussion. But due to the sensitivity of his brain issues, the Yankees thought perhaps being out of action was in his best interest. But overall, Anthony Rizzo is happy to scrap off injury concerns off his back. The baseman feels like a kid to be back at playing baseball again after a long layoff. And cannot wait to start the season in pinstripes.

Yankees Baseman Elated To Get Up To Speed This Spring


Anthony Rizzo is back to business with spring training and is hitting like he usually does. That is a big milestone, considering how he was slow last year due to a concussion. He said that being able to see the ball like he normally would was a great thing to witness this year.

Anthony Rizzo admitted that he was cognitively slower on the plate and missed pitches, which he would usually not. “I’d be like, ‘Man, how am I missing this pitch?.’ Just to be up to speed is great,” said Rizzo. Overall, with the infielder’s return, the Yankees would be feeling great about their chances for the 2024 season.

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