Blake Snell, Juan Soto

Amidst the offseason buzz surrounding potential moves for the New York Yankees, Blake Snell has emerged as a front-runner. The two parties have been engaged in talks for several weeks now. But failed to reach a consensus due to a rigid and stubborn approach.

While Blake Snell wants to be rewarded for his two CY Young accolades, Hal Steinbrenner’s pockets lack space to accommodate Snell. Yet, the Yankees front office continues to talk the pitcher out of his ridiculous ask. Amid the tussle, Snell’s former Padres teammate and Yanks’ newest recruit endorsed him in an open forum. He explained why he would be a great fit in the Bronx.


Juan Soto Endorses’ Great Guy’ Blake Snell For Potential Yankees Union

Juan Soto

Two-time CY Young pitcher Blake Snell has been linked to the New York Yankees actively this off-season. However, due to the pitcher’s high demands, negotiations have hit a stalemate. But overall, the Yankee clubhouse absolutely loves the idea of having Snell on board. Notably, if the team manages to sign Snell, it would be the first time in the history of MLB that a franchise fields two reigning CY Young awardees in a single rotation. The idea of the scenario is being loved by Snell’s former Padres teammate Juan Soto. Now a Yankee, Soto loves the idea of having Blake Snell in the Bronx. “A great guy, a great player. Any help that we can get, I would love,” said Soto.

Not only that, Juan Soto feels Blake Snell would be of great help and is a perfect fit for the Bronx in his eyes. Soto also endorsed the celebrated pitcher as a great teammate to have around in the clubhouse. “He’s always right there, cheering for his teammates. He’s a funny guy, too,” affirmed Soto. Additionally, the generational slugger understands the pitcher’s wait game. He cited the example of Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, who waited till the very end of spring training to sign a contract and, indeed, fetched the desired contract. Thus, Soto understands that Snell wants the money he thinks he deserves, hence the waiting game. But overall, the Yankees’ newest recruit has indirectly put pressure on the front office to advance in Blake Snell’s dream pursuit. The club’s next moves after Soto’s claim would be interesting to monitor.

Yanks Reignite Dialogue With Blake Snell

Blake Snell
Blake Snell poses at spring training. (K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

As it stands, the Yankees continue to have dialogue with Blake Snell’s camp. Hal Steinbrenner is reportedly being actively involved. Additionally, the duo apparently talked on Monday this week to exchange ideas. But reached no headway. The pitcher wants a short-term deal with higher AAV and multiple opt-outs. But Hal won’t sign off.

A higher AAV deal will lead to excess luxury tax stress as the Yankees payroll has exceeded the maximum CBT threshold. Overall, as the offseason progresses and free agency negotiations continue, all eyes will be on the Yanks as they seek to make strategic moves to improve their roster and position themselves as contenders in the highly competitive American League.

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