Blake Snell Padres
Blake Snell Padres Source: CBS Sports

The New York Yankees have been trying to sign a superstar starting pitcher for a long time. They were so close to signing the Japanese sensation this offseason. Yoshinobu Yamamoto was the biggest free agent coming to the USA from the international market. And the NY side was the favorite to sign him. Ever since the offseason started, the Bronx Bombers were headlining as the favorite to seal the deal. But then again, they are not the Evil Empire anymore as they once were. Apparently, the new Evil Empire in Major League Baseball is the Los Angeles Dodgers. They signed the biggest free agent this winter.

Now, they have the Unicorn for ten years after signing him for the biggest sports deal in history. The Dodgers are spending $700 million on Shohei Ohtani. Then, they signed the Japanese pitching sensation for a twelve-year deal worth $325 million. The Yankees offered Yamamoto a ten-year deal worth $300 million. But it turned out to be a little short. Anyhow, the Japanese ace wanted to avoid settling on the East Coast. Since then, the next best option for the Yankees has been Blake Snell. But it has been the biggest mystery for a long time if the NY side can come to terms with the two-time Cy Young winner. 


After A Long Wait, Are The Yankees Sealing The Blake Snell Deal?

Blake Snell
Blake Snell poses at spring training. (K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

The Spring Training is about to start this week. But a few famous clients of Scott Boras are still free agents. For instance, Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery, Cody Bellinger, and so on. As it turns out, the Yankees are the only team to offer a deal to Snell. But the former San Diego Padres ace pitcher refused them initially. It is because the Bronx Bombers offered a six-year deal worth $150 million. However, the asking price of Blake Snell is $270 million over a nine-year deal.

But the Yankees did not have a great start with Carlos Rodon last year. That has been stopping the NY side’s front office to seal the “Too-high” asking price. As per FanSided, Blake Snell just makes a lot of sense with the Yankees. If he comes to the Bronx, he can pair up with the 2023 Cy Young winner in the American League. Then, the New York side will have a strong starting pitching lineup. But the mega deal Scott Boras is looking for Snell might be a necessity for the Yankees to accept. They are still standing on shaky ground. 

If The Bombers Really Want To Win The World Series, They Might Just Go All-In For Snell

Gerrit Cole Yankees
Gerrit Cole Yankees Source: CBS Sports

Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole are both in their early 30s. They have Juan Soto for only one year. On top of that, they have not reached the “Big Dance” since 2009. Adding to that, the Baltimore Orioles look like the strongest team in the AL East again after 2023. They added Corbin Burnes lately. Hence, there is a growing discontent among the Yankees Faithful. To solve that problem, the Yankees need to fight for the World Series.

But if they don’t have a stable starting lineup, things can get a lot more difficult. That’s why Blake Snell might be the answer. And for Scott Boras, his tactic of waiting and having patience might just pull of a masterclass. But Snell and Boras might just lower their asking price a little bit. Then, the Yankees can just jump on the opportunity to sign the two-time Cy Young winner.

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