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The New York Yankees need Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo to stay healthy throughout the season. Last year could have been a lot different if it had not been for the long Injured List. Both these above-mentioned hitters have been playing in the major league for a long time. The team depends on them a lot more than they do on the young guns. But the last season was nothing short of their worst nightmare. Both Rizzo and Judge started the season well. But midway to the 2023 season, both these guys sustained severe injuries that ruined the season for them and their team. In the end, the Bronx Bombers finished with an awful 82-80 record.

They could not make the postseason for the first time since 2016. Clearly, it was the worst season for the NY side in the last 30 years. Rizzo has been playing in the big league for a longer time than the Yankees captain. He was the most consistent slugger for the Bombers in the first couple of months of the last season. Then, he had a terrible collision with Fernando Tatis Jr. of the SD Padres at first base on May 28. Later, Rizzo didn’t realize, but he played through a concussion. As a result, there was a dip in his production until he played his last game of the 2023 season on August 1. However, Rizzo is now ready to help Aaron Judge to the best of his abilities in 2024.


How Can Anthony Rizzo Help The Yankees Captain This Year?

Yankees Anthony Rizzo Aaron Judge
Yankees Anthony Rizzo Aaron Judge Source: Bleacher Report

Seven months after he played his last game for the NY side in 2023, the doctors cleared him, and Anthony Rizzo had a normal offseason. The veteran first baseman is finally back again, feeling like himself. Lately, Rizzo told the reporters that, finally, it is good to be back up to speed. Moreover, Rizzo compared himself with a coffee drinker, saying, “When you are not up to speed, it is like waking up and trying to do anything before you’ve coffee.” According to Greg Joyce of The New York Post, Anthony Rizzo further said that now he is always alert and aware. Moreover, Rizzo described what it’s like to play through a concussion and now when he’s normal again.

The veteran mentioned that it feels great to see the ball like he normally sees it. Moreover, it did not feel great when he had to play daily while going through a concussion. He added that he was slower cognitively. Moreover, Rizzo would ask himself the question constantly, “How am I missing that pitch?” Hence, Rizzo said it was really annoying back then. But now it feels great to be up to speed. Moreover, the Yankees really need him to be. Everybody knows that Rizzo is an impactful hitter from the left side. This year, Aaron Boone might give Rizzo the task to protect the No. 3 slugger Aaron Judge. 

If Rizzo Stays Healthy, He Can Be The Best Slugger Racking Up RBIs

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Currently, the NY side has a pretty good bunch of left-handed outfielders. Since the addition of Juan Soto and Alex Verdugo, the team looks pretty solid in their outfield in terms of WAR. Moreover, if Anthony Rizzo gets back his form of the first two months of the 2023 season, then things will get even more difficult for the opposing pitchers. After Soto and Judge, then comes the in-form Rizzo, it will be trouble for the opposing pitchers.

Aaron Judge mentioned, lately that if Rizzo stays fine, he will be the best slugger while racking up the RBIs. Moreover, Judge feels Rizzo stays very calm at the plate during clutch moments. On top of that, Judge feels the team needs Rizzo to stay alright. They need him because he’s a Gold Glove first baseman. And Judge also added that Rizzo is among the leaders in the clubhouse.

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