Lewis Hamilton
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Red Bull Racing’s ugly power struggle has gripped the F1 paddock, including Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time world champion, who has a reputation for being unapologetically vocal, took a strong stand on the matter. He opined that Christian Horner’s investigation over inappropriate behavior was not duly handled.

Lewis Hamilton further expressed his concerns about the saga’s impact on female inclusion and diversity in F1. While everybody has had a opinion on Christian Horner tussle with Red Bull, Lewis Hamilton expressed his honest assessment on the situation’s repercussions on the organisation having gone through something similar in the past with McLaren.


Lewis Hamilton Cites McLaren Scandal To Reflect On Red Bull’s Leadership Turmoil

Lewis Hamilton
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Spygate scandal rocked F1 back in 2007. McLaren chief designer Mike Coughlan had unlawfully obtained confidential technical information belonging to Ferrari. Upon investigation, McLaren team principal Ron Dennis and Mike accepted the charges and faced a record $100 million fine. Also, McLaren was stripped of all their constructors’ championship points for the 2007 season. Having said that, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso were teammates in McLaren when the leadership came under scrutiny. Comparing it to the current crisis in Red Bull, Lewis explained that when a team leader’s integrity towards the sport is questioned, it affects everybody down the hierarchy. Lewis Hamilton further added that a leader sets the tone for an organization and is key to the ultimate destination.

“A leader is super important because they set the tone. They make sure the team sticks to the core values of what the sport is about and integrity,” said Lewis Hamilton. That being said, Red Bull’s core has been shaken ever since team principal Christian Horner was investigated for inappropriate behavior with a female colleague. While the team boss is being cleared of all the charges by the internal investigation committee, the situation has exposed a brewing dissent amidst the team’s leadership. Red Bull is seemingly divided into two halves, one of the Thai majority and one consisting of Oliver Mateschitz’s loyalists. Overall, the ongoing crisis is not reflecting well on the team as the 2024 F1 season goes underway. The drivers, senior members, and the rest of the paddock have all been affected by the recent revelations. It is perennial for Red Bull to resolve the issue and save the team’s image from getting tarnished.

Christian Horner Could Be Relieved Ahead Of Australian GP

Red Bull

Amidst a growing power struggle within Red Bull leadership, rumors have it that the team principal who caused the crisis in the first place could be relieved of his duties ahead of the Australian Grand Prix. Notably, Red Bull exploded after an internal inquiry was launched to investigate inappropriate behavior charges against Horner.

However, its important to note that these rumors are mere speculations. So far, Christian Horner has enjoyed the backing of company’s majority Thai stakeholder. They continue to protect him against the remaining shareholders will. Having said that, as Australian Gran Prix inches closer, all eyes will be on Red Bull as they navigate their way through unforeseen challenges.

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