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REPORTS: Disturbing Details Emerge In Christian Horner-Red Bull Investigation

Christian Horner has been caught in the eye of a major storm after a female Red Bull employee complained of aggressive cross-border behavior. The drink manufacturing company launched an investigation into the matter supervised by a non-biased external authority, which has now been going on for a couple of weeks.

Amidst all this, Christian Horner has continued to resume business as usual. The team principal attended RB20’s launch and claimed innocence. However, while the investigation is going on, rumors and speculations over the alleged details of the investigation have been doing rounds on the internet. Moreover, the recent details have been nothing short of disturbing nature.


Christian Horner Allegedly Tried To Payoff The Employee Complainant

Christian Horner
Christian Horner’s comments mark the latest escalation of a furious row over Mercedes’ struggles with porpoising CREDIT: REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner’s future at the racing team he built from scratch is hanging by a thread. An investigation related to a female employee’s complaint of cross-border behavior is currently going on in the United Kingdom. That being said, De Telegraaf has obtained incriminating and disturbing details over the findings of the investigation. It has been reported that the female employee in question first reported Horner’s sexually transgressive behavior in December 2023 to Red Bull’s headquarters in Austria. Moreover, the shreds of evidence submitted by the complainant contained sexually oriented text messages between her and Horner that lasted over a considerable period of time. After the team principal caught the wind of it, he tried to keep the matter under wraps.

De Telegraaf alleges that Christian Horner tried to pay the complainant and offered a settlement for a whopping £650,000, which is just over €760,000. Apparently, Horner’s lawyers sent a letter to the lawyer assisting the female employee within 24 hours after the complaint was submitted in Austria. However, the employee refused to entertain the settlement and instead opted for a legal route. However, Red Bull managed to halt that process and convinced the employee to wait till the internal investigation concluded. Additionally, De Telegraaf claims that allegations of cross-border behavior against Horner have been known to several other key players in the Formula One world. That being said, the above-mentioned details are speculative and still remain unconfirmed as we await Red Bull’s investigation to conclude in the next few weeks.

Christian Horner Allegedly Refused The Idea Of Stepping Down By Red Bull

Red Bull

In a fresh bombshell update, Red Bull allegedly tried to clear Christian Horner’s name before the allegations went public. As per Motorsport Total, the drink-based outfit offered Horner to step down willingly, and the official reasons could have been listed as health problems and mental fatigue. However, the team principal refused the offer and decided to face the music anyway.

That being said, Christian Horner is still awaiting his fate as the investigation unravels in London. However, amid all this, the team principal will attend pre-season testing later in the week in Bahrain. He will be at the pit wall alongside other Red Bull engineers and strategists. It is understood that the investigation could conclude by the first race weekend in Bahrain.

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