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An internal power struggle within Red Bull Racing’s leadership has rocked the F1 fraternity. It all started with Christian Horner being investigated for inappropriate behavior with a female employee. What followed was a series of ugly events that exposed the internal conflict among the leadership.

After Max Verstappen’s father, Jos Verstappen, publicly sided with the victim employee, all hell broke loose. Speculations of Max opting out of his contract gained further momentum once Helmut Marko suggested he could be axed. Amid the drama, Christian Horner addressed Verstappen’s future in Red Bull and revealed how he wouldn’t stand in anyone’s way if they seek an exit.


Christian Horner Says Red Bull Won’t Hold Anyone Against Their Will!

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Helmut Marko, Red Bull Racing’s senior motorsport advisor, caused a massive stir by suggesting the senior leadership could suspend him. As soon as the word spread across the paddock, Max Verstappen, a Marko loyalist, took a bold stand. He said it’s critical for Marko to stay and ensure that he sees the end of his contract in the drink-based outfit. Max indirectly threatened to leave if Helmut Marko was being disrespected and ousted abruptly. Notably, Marko has played a key role in Max’s growth, and he holds the senior advisor in high regard. Amid growing speculations, team principal Christian Horner addressed Verstannpen’s future uncertainty with a bold claim. He hinted that the team won’t hold anyone against their will.

“You can’t force somebody to be somewhere just because of a piece of paper,” Christian Horner said. The team boss further added that if anyone feels the need to leave this successful team, Red Bull won’t force them to stay just because the contract abides them. He added that to ensure success, every personnel associated with the team must be committed wholeheartedly. Moreover, as far as Max is concerned, Horner has no doubt about the Dutch driver’s commitment and passion. “He’s been here since he was 18 years of age. I have no doubt of his commitment and passion going forward,” added Horner. Basically, Christian subtly hinted that if a situation arises, the Bulls won’t hold Max Verstappen against his will. If he seeks an exit before 2028, the three-time World Champion would be gracefully allowed to do so.

Toto Wolff Would ‘Love’ To Have Max Verstappen At Mercedes

Toto Wolff- Max Verstappen- Sergio Perez
Toto Wolff- Max Verstappen- Sergio Perez Source: The Sportsrush

A turmoil at Red Bull has opened unthinkable doors for an underpressure Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff. In the aftermath of Lewis Hamilton’s departure to Ferrari, Wolff has a seat to fill for the 2025 season. Thus, many speculated that Austrians would exploit the situation at the Bulls and lure Max Verstappen to Mercedes.

When he proposed the idea, Toto Wolff said he would want nothing more than to see Max Verstappen in a Mercedes car in the near future. But for the moment, it seems an indistinct possibility. Also, Wolff is focused on fixing his home first before exploiting the Red Bull situation. “First, we need to sort out our car. I think we owe it to our drivers,” said Wolff.

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