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Aaron Judge is one name that MLB fans have been hearing all season and off-season. The Yankees\’ baseman had a historic season in 2022. He hit a record 62 home runs in the American League after refusing a $213 million deal from the Yankees, entering free agency. Moreover, Judge\’s free agency became one of the stories separately. 

Several high-profile MLB teams, including the Giants, Mets, and Dodgers, were interested in hiring the player. However, in the end, it was the New York Yankees who got Aaron Judge back for nine more years. The Yankees and Judge struck a massive deal of 360 million dollars. However, several baseball pundits are skeptical about the deal and whether it is a really wise decision.


Is Signing Aaron Judge Really Good For The Yankees?

Recently, the long-running saga of Aaron Judge\’s free agency reached its climax. The slugger returns to the New York-based franchise for nine more years in return for a total of $360 million. 

BILL MADDEN | In the wee hours of Wednesday a beleaguered and resigned Hal Steinbrenner firmly cemented his membership in baseball’s One Dumb Owner club by re-signing soon-to-be 31-year-old Aaron Judge for an astounding nine years and $360M. @bmadden1954 https://t.co/N5ONXAIrDS

— NY Daily News Sports (@NYDNSports) December 7, 2022

Aaron Judge recently completed a campaign in New York during which he won the AL MVP award and set a single-season record for the American League with 62 home runs. The Giants and Yankees were the front-runners to sign the highly sought-after free agent. But in the end, he decided to sign with the team where he has been launching home runs since 2016. On the other hand, others question if this was a wise choice in the long term, given the enormous sum that the Yankees paid.

Everyone is aware that $300 million divided by three participants is a sizable sum. But the team has more gaps filled in their squad. Chairman Hal Steinbrenner is only keeping up with the Joneses here with his most crucial player in the Steve Cohen era. Moreover, it has money left over to pay for prospective seasons of Aaron Judge.

Brian Cashman called Hal Steinbrenner the \”Mariano Rivera of these negotiations\” with Aaron Judge. #Yankees

— Brendan Kuty (@BrendanKutyNJ) December 7, 2022

It almost seems as though this lede was saved for a story about Steinbrenner mishandling a superstar and letting him go to San Francisco Giants. There is a strong possibility that Judge will serve as the Yankees\’ captain. Aaron Judge has a remote chance of reaching 500 home runs and the Hall of Fame. The best marketing asset ever will be Judge. Steinbrenner will just have to accept it if he is less effective in 2027, which is expected to happen.

The most recent collective bargaining agreement in MLB has brought money into the game and given the players more control. Although Steinbrenner would have preferred to spend less, he is solely responsible for whatever financial difficulties he encounters, and the lump amount has no bearing on them. 

Aaron Judge

The upside is that Yankees supporters now know they can anticipate seeing the 30-year-old wear pinstripes for some time to come. But whether Aaron Judge can lead the team to the MLB world championship remains to be seen.

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