Andrew Benintendi
Andrew Benintendi

Re-signing Aaron Judge was the New York Yankees\’ big victory, as the slugger was their top priority. Moreover, they have already secured Anthony Rizzo. Now, the team can turn its eyes to assembling other players for the squad. And looks like Andrew Benintendi is one such name that the Yankees would want to add to their roaster. But will the team be successful in getting Benintendi to sign a contract with them? Keep reading to find out.

The Yankees Are Prioritizing Andrew Benintendi!

After keeping star outfielder Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees won the biggest prize of the offseason. Regarding Judge\’s decision, a lot of supporters and front office personnel were holding their breath. Now, the squad can concentrate on meeting their other roster concerns with that out of the way. The Bronx Bombers are now concentrating on Andrew Benintendi. Reportedly, Benintendi\’s continued play in left field, according to an MLB insider, was another priority. And since the MLB Winter Meetings ended this week, nothing has altered in that regard.

Andrew Benintendi

Benintendi is reportedly interested in returning to the Yankees. Although some in the clubhouse had the impression that he had loved his time there and would prefer to live and play in a smaller city, Andrew Benintendi had said that he had enjoyed his time in Kansas City. Although he was born in Cincinnati, he now calls St. Louis home. At the trade deadline, the Yankees acquired the left-handed batter from the Royals in exchange for three pitching prospects.

Andrew Benintendi had a breakthrough season last year and was named an All-Star for the first time. Prior to joining the Yankees, he hit.320 with a 124 OPS+. in Manhattan. Before suffering a broken hamate bone that terminated his season, he hit just.254 with a 109 OPS+ in 33 games.

Could Bryan Reynolds Land In The Yankees?

Bryan Reynolds, a dissatisfied Pittsburgh Pirates bat, is another possible target for the Yankees. Reynolds expressed dissatisfaction with the team earlier this month and asked the organization for a trade. According to reports, the Yankees are keen to acquire him through trade. However, considering the Pirates\’ lack of interest, it is more probable that the Bombers will continue with Andrew Benintendi.


Last year, the Kansas City Royals traded Andrew Benintendi to the New York Yankees. Benintendi was expected to bring much-needed stability to a poor-hitting group at the time. Unfortunately, after moving to New York, the outfielder\’s on-base percentage and batting average both fell.

The Yankees are searching for a strategy to end their protracted World Series drought after a poor postseason performance. It will be interesting to see whether the front staff can make the proper decisions to put this club in a winning position and if the players deliver when it counts. When taking into account his $1 million buyout in 2026, Aaron Hicks is also committed to the Yankees for a further three years and $30.5 million.

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