Is Mithali Raj Married? A Closer Look At The Love Life of Female Tendulkar

Is Mithali Raj still single? Is Mithali Raj Married? These are a few questions that fans often ask ever since Mithali Raj announced her retirement from all forms of Cricket. Mithali is certainly a women’s Cricketer and holds a lot of records to her name. She has been contributing to the field of Cricket ever since she was 16. She is also widely regarded as one of the most beautiful female Indian Cricketers. Hence, her male fans are always interested in her love life. So, is Mithali Raj married? Dig a little deeper to know the former women’s Indian Cricket team captain’s marriage plan. 

Is Mithali Raj Married?

The answer to this question is a simple “No.” Mithali Raj is not married yet. This 40-year-old former Cricketer hasn’t tied the knot yet. Back in 2018, Mithali also had an interview where she opened up about her marriage. The cricketer stated that the thought of marriage used to cross her mind when she was very young. She added that now, it doesn’t cross her mind anymore, especially when she sees married people. Mithali confirmed that she is happy being single. 

Is Mithali Raj Married

In another interview back in 2013, Mithali Raj shed some light on the attention female Cricketers receive. She revealed that female Cricketers don’t receive the same attention male Cricketers receive from their female fans. Raj added that she has been in some relationships before. But currently, she is single and focusing on her game for the Women’s Cricket World Cup

At that time, Mithali Raj wanted to focus on her game, but now that she has retired from all forms of Cricket, does she have any plans of getting married? 

Will Mithali Raj Get Married? 

After her retirement, Mithali Raj didn’t provide any statements on whether she was planning to get married or not. However, her mother had an interview where she talked about the future of her daughter. Every mother wants her daughter to get married, and Mithali’s mother wants the same. But she is not a part of this decision at all. 

Is Mithali Raj Married

Mithali Raj’s mother stated that her daughter’s marriage is one decision she is not involved in at all. It will be solely Mithali’s decision. But now that she is retired, her mother will put an indent for it. She added that the amount of pressure and the injuries her daughter had in the past 23 years are definitely not easy to handle. Mithali’s mother admired her daughter’s focus on the game. But now, she also wants her to focus on her personal life as well. 

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Raj’s mother also supported her decision not to get married to focus on the game. She revealed that they have been facing the pressure for the past eight years, and they think they handled it pretty well. 

Mithali Raj’s Career

Mithali Raj sits on the top of the mountain of women’s International Cricket. For the same reason, she is also renowned as “the female Tendulkar.” She holds the record for the most number of runs, the most consecutive half-centuries, the most number of matches, and many more records in Women’s International Cricket. She was also the first player to cross 7000 intl runs in the WODI Cricket. Before announcing her retirement, Mithali Raj played 232 matches and scored a total of 7805 runs. 

Is Mithali Raj Married

Mithali made her International debut back in 1999 at the age of 16. She scored an unbeaten century in her very first game against Ireland. She took the captaincy of the Women’s Indian Cricket team in 2004 and then served as the skipper of this team till 2022. Mithali was also appointed the batting consultant for the women\’s Cricket team, which made her the first female Indian Cricketer to play as the player-coach. 

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