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“Mercedes needs a change,” the team’s boss said, the drivers said, all F1 pundits and fans said. But what change are they talking about? is the car’s design and concept need reconsideration, or does the designer itself need to get changed? The tensions surfacing in Mercedes because of the constant disappointments they have been facing since 2022 somehow made people question, ‘is the technical director not working well?’

Recently, Ralf Schumacher, who is the brother of the F1 legend Michael Schumacher, emerged to predict a lot of things about Mercedes. He can see a dispute occurring inside the team as someone will have to take responsibility for the failures. And Mike Elliott appears as the best shoulder.

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Team Mercedes Suffering From Downforce issues

As per some of the reports, fans got aware of the fact that Mercedes technical director Mike Elliott and other members who are responsible for building W14 have been given an ultimatum from the boss Toto Wolff. In order to drive for victory, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell demanded a strong car like RB19. But with an evolution of W13, nothing more than a P5 is achievable. Ahead of the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, there was also a meeting conducted inside the Brackley factory. This somehow succeeded in figuring out the game-changer plan for Mercedes.

Disputes On The Way Of Mercedes Following The Personnel Changes

According to Ralf Schumacher, “there has to be a dispute in Mercedes.” In an interview with, Ralf pointed out that the technical directors of the German manufacturer manage to convince their boss that the “full strength of the concept used can be worked out.” And Toto Wolff has to believe his technical team as he has no other option.

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Mike Elliott And George Russell

When the team claimed big things about the W14, that it is a changed car, it is the black livery like before, that it will bring the championship, and it all got shattered in the Bahrain Grand Prix, “the tension was clear to see” as Schumacher could see it too. Now, there is a structural change required to do under the Mercedes.

Given this, Ralf Schumacher would not be surprised if the “pecking order changes now,” he said. The same happened in Aston Martin last year, and we can see how a Mercedes customer got back on the podiums. Actually, the credit for the British team’s strong comeback goes to Dan Fallows. Earlier, they had Andrew Green, who was replaced by the ex-Red Bull engineer, Fallows.

Something Is Changing In The Brackley Team, Perhaps It is The Technical Director.

Aston Martin made their choice, for which they are indeed grateful. But now, “Something is going to happen at Mercedes,” as believed by Ralf. He believes so because whatever concepts the Mercedes technical director brings, it does not work. And, “you can’t change your mind overnight,” it is not possible!

Mike Elliot
Mike Elliot

So when Ralf Schumacher says that something is changing, he perhaps means that Mike Eliott is changing. Maybe Toto Wolff will have to make a difficult decision about sacking Elliott, who is doing so well. But not too well, to make wins. These are the thoughts of Ralf Schumacher; no one knows if this is what’s gonna change in Mercedes or if they will settle with some concept change.