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Los Angeles Lakers ace LeBron James is 38 but still going strong. In the current season, he is averaging 30.0 points per game. The King is performing better than most in the ongoing season. He is breaking records and making new ones. Currently, LeBron James is in the first position in seven different categories of all time in the NBA, including the famous all-time scoring record. For the Lakers, he is not only scoring but helping the team in every way he can.

After a two-decades-long career, King James finds himself at the fourth spot of all-time top assists. It is not necessary to be a Lakers fan or a LeBron James fan to accept the fact that the King is a total package. He is good at scoring, passing, rebounds, shooting three-pointers, and blocking in all of them. Despite LeBron James being in top form, the Lakers had a tough outing in the last two seasons, including the current one.


Current Situation Of LeBron James And The Lakers?

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The Lakers are still at the 13th seed of the Western Conference table. They only have 23 games left to turn things around. Getting to the sixth seed for direct playoff qualification will be challenging. But to the tenth position for participating in the play-in tournament is possible. All the players on the roster need to stay fit and display their best version in the remaining games. Especially the stars of the Lakers side, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Both had a tough outing for a couple of years in a row. Anthony Davis could not play many matches in the current tournament due to an injury.

LeBron James had been suffering due to an ankle injury throughout the season. Lately, the biggest concern was why King James could not play the whole All-Star game. How serious is the finger injury? Is he going to miss more matches for the Lakers in the regular season due to this injury? LeBron James did not participate in the latest practice session of the Lakers. It is raising suspicions among the media and the fans.

Will James Play Tonight Against The Warriors?

LeBron James
LeBron James

Coach Darvin Ham explained that he asked James to take a break and get a bit more rest. The Lakers head coach said, “LeBron had a lot going this month already with the scoring record and the recent All-Star appearance. Too much on his shoulders. That’s why I asked him to take this break from practice.” And when asked about the finger injury, Ham mentioned, “No, that is not a concern. It’s getting better rapidly. The wear and tear issue in his ankle is what is bothering us.”

When LeBron James was ruled out of the second half of the All-Star game against Team Giannis due to a “right-hand contusion,” his fans got really worried. However, he later explained what happened when he went on to block Pascal Siakam, “Coach Malone focuses more on the defensive capabilities of the team. So, I told him I was gonna block one tonight. I tried to do it but got caught in the rim. But there is nothing to worry about. I’ll be fine. Just as a precautionary measure, took the rest of the game off.” According to LeBron James, the focus is on the remaining 23 games of the Lakers. He really wants to take his team to the postseason this time, as staying out for back-to-back seasons is not in his “DNA.”