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LeBron James Pushing Bronny James In Mainstream NBA? Teen Finds Place In Top 10 Draft Picks For 2024

Fans and media experts have been asking these questions about whether Bronny James is as good as his father. Bronny’s father, King James, had expressed his desire to play with his son for an NBA franchise before retiring as a professional player. After LeBron James mentioned this desire, the fans are also curious whether it is going to be a “Like Father Like Son” kind of deal. So really, how good is the son of the King?

Currently, Bronny James is ranked 4th in terms of star prospects in his class. But 8th in terms of the top point guards in the class. The biggest competition for Bronny is Andrej Stojakovic, the son of Peja Stojakovic, a former basketball player. However, ESPN ranks the son of King James 28th top player in the class. This ranking may get better or worse when more foreign talents are added to the list.


Skills And Abilities Of LeBron James’ Son!

bronny james
LeBron James Bronny James

There are few experts who believe that Bronny James may fall back to the draft’s second round. On the contrary, some think he will be picked in the first round. The NBA universe is excited to see LeBron James Jr. make his debut possibly next year. Let’s just look at it from an objective point of view, irrespective of what some people may or may not think. Son of the King has proved that he is an excellent basketball player. Albeit Bronny James is still in high school.

That means he has a lot of time to work on his skills and get better. Needless to say, since his father is LeBron James, he sure has a big shoe to fill. Bronny James needs to work on his consistency in scoring. Otherwise, he is an intelligent assist and is pretty good at defense. Bronny is a good jumper and displays a lot of athleticism in his performances. LBJ’s elder son is 6 feet 3 inches tall and performs equally well at both ends of the basketball court. Since Bronny James is in high school, he has received scholarship offers from several top colleges in the states of Ohio and Michigan.

Why Bronny James Is An Exciting Prospect For Future Pick?

Lebron & Bronny James
Lebron & Bronny James

Wherever Bronny chooses to go will be crucial for his future. Bronny James has potential and may play in the league for a long time. But the usual idea of comparing the son to his father is unfair. In terms of shape and size, the King is way superior to his son. Meanwhile, let us compare LeBron James Jr. to some other NBA players of his own size, like Avery Bradley, who has the same height and skills. Although not a superstar, Bradley played in the league for twelve years earning 66 million dollars. The son of King James could have that kind of a career if he gets better with time.

Hence the question comes, what is the big deal about this 18-year-old anyway? The King’s desire is the most intriguing part of Bronny James as a potential pick. If LeBron James is still playing for a couple more years, then any team that drafts his son becomes a viable option for the King. Any such team can get King James for even a small amount. When and if the father-son duo represents any franchise in NBA, it will be an exciting view for any basketball fan. For a small market team, it will boost their fame and legacy. It’s great for the team and the James family.