LeBron James & Anthony Davis

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Stephen A. Smith Puts The Onus On LeBron James & Anthony Davis To Carry The Lakers To The Playoffs

The Los Angeles Lakers are set to make one last push to increase their chance of landing in the postseason this year. After celebrating the All-star festivities, LeBron James wants to return to business as he does not intend to miss another playoff. Last year resulted in the first playoff the 38-year-old missed in his 20 years of career. And he has been quite clear on various occasions that he does not want to miss another in a row. “Not being part of the postseason for two years straight, that’s not in my DNA,” said LeBron.

It is truly a rare site to see the four-time champ healthy and out of the playoff picture. Ever since the season began, he has been giving his all to help his team reach as far as possible in the league. However, his team has not been the best supporter because of their poor mismatched roster construction. It did not seem like the best support cast when he shared the stage with Russell Westbrook. The two-star players did put up a good show for the fans, but they are still at the bottom of the table.

LeBron James & Russell Westbrook
LeBron James & Russell Westbrook

Stephen A Smith Taunts The Lakers Superstar Heritage And LeBron James

Even if one is not a Lakers fan but when you hear two big names like LeBron James and Anthony Davis, you automatically make an image of table toppers. However, the Purple and Gold have only glittered and glued their name to the lower rank on the table. Although it is difficult to believe, this is what the season has come to, and their fate lies in the last 23 games of the season. And for LeBron, these games are the most important games of his life, as he confirmed in the media. And the four-time Finals MVP expects the same kind of mentality from his teammates as well.

According to Steven A. Smith, it would be embarrassing for the Lakers to miss the playoffs with the two best players. Although the two have been on and off the court this season, they have been phenomenal when they were healthy. However, at this point, where are few games at hand and both the stars are also healthy should make them reckless. But Steven seems to be talking about this time. If they fail from here on, the Lakers fan will face disappointment. And LeBron James is also frustrated from missing the playoffs last season.

LeBron James
LeBron James

Since the team is going through time, their 13th ranking in the Western Conference is helping their case. It is a hole that will take every last bit of effort from every LA player to make the cut before the regular season ends. And there is no other player than LeBron James, who is more motivated to give his all.