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Is Comparison With Yankees Legend Derek Jeter Taking A Toll On Rookie Anthony Volpe?

Derek Jeter is widely regarded as one of the greatest shortstops in baseball history. He had an illustrious career with the Yankees, winning numerous accolades and leading the team to multiple World Series wins. When Jeter retired in 2014, many infielders tried their hand at filling the shortstop spot. But all failed to produce anything as significant to replace Jeter until the arrival of rookie Anthony Volpe.

A 21-year-old rookie, Anthony Volpe possesses several traits that resemble those of Derek Jeter. That has led many fans and analysts to believe that the rookie might be the next Jeter in the making. However, Volpe’s current stats paint a whole different picture. Moreover, this growing comparison and expectation might lead to the shortstop’s downfall really soon.


Anthony Volpe Might Succumb Under Pressure Of Expectations

Anthony Volpe
Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe. Getty Images

Derek Jeter will go down in the history of baseball as the greatest player to ever exist. He was an undisputed legend. But recently, fans have started comparing him with the Yankee’s new shortstop, Anthony Volpe. While such comparisons can be flattering, they can also place immense pressure on a young player like Volpe. This raises the question of whether the constant comparison with Jeter is taking a toll on the rookie and impacting his performance on the field. The reason behind such speculations is the rookie’s stats.

As of now, he is hitting .193 with nine home runs in total in over 50 appearances. While these numbers are good enough for an average major league rookie, they proved to be not good enough for a talent like Anthony Volpe. It’s mainly because of the high expectation people have set around him due to his constant comparison with Derek Jeter. Well, Jeter was a legend, and putting Volpe down for not meeting the legend’s stats in his rookie season is too harsh. Hence, it’s highly likely that the pressure to deliver up to expectation is messing with Volpe’s mindset. The onus now shifts on the Yankees team management to keep the shortstop’s sanity intact with timely assurance and enough faith.

Is Yankees Rookie Worried About An Imminent Demotion To Minors?

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe has shown surprising power (eight HRs) and speed (13 stolen bases), but is batting only .194.AP

Anthony Volpe is having a hard time in the major league so far. While his defensive game has been top-notch, a dry run on the plate has led to a chorus of speculation over his possible demotion to the minor league. The rumors gained momentum when his peer and competitor, Oswald Peraza, slammed seven home runs in eight straight games.

However, after slamming a game-winning home run against the Dodgers last week, Anthony Volpe addressed the media and faced his fears. He said it is getting difficult for him to concentrate on his current game. Hence, he has no time to wonder what’s happening elsewhere. Moreover, right now, Volpe’s focus is to grind every day and try to put his best foot forward for the team. The rookie also mentioned that the homer against Dodgers helped in gaining a little self-belief. Overall, Anthony Volpe is trying his best to have a dream rookie season. Let’s see if he finishes what he started.