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Is Cody Bellinger Still An Opportunity For The New York Yankees?

Cody Bellinger, who had a resurgent season with the Chicago Cubs in 2023, had been on the New York Yankees’ radar for the longest time. The former NL MVP finished with a .307 average, 26 homers, and .881 OPS. He entered free agency by the end of the blockbuster season to fetch a monstrous deal.

However, the New York Yankees, initially touted as front runners, opted out of the sweepstakes after Alex Verdugo and Juan Soto’s signing. After that, Bellinger’s market died down, which forced him to reunite with the Cubs in a cheap deal. Now, the details of the contract make WFAN radio host Brandon Tierney wonder if the Yanks lost a massive opportunity.


Tierney Baffled By Yankees’ Lack Of Interest In Cody Bellinger!

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Cody Bellinger was a hot pick free agent this off-season. The New York Yankees, who initially pursued him during the trade deadline, mysteriously dropped the pursuit. It was later revealed that the front office was working on getting generational start Juan Soto on board instead. Moreover, with Alex Verdugo’s trade, the club’s outfield woes ceased to exist, and they didn’t need Bellinger anymore. On the other hand, Cody also failed to receive any greater interest due to the high price tag. And was forced to settle with the Chicago Cubs instead. The former NL MVP re-signed with the Cubs in a three-year $80 million contract with opt-outs after the first and second years. Indeed, the deal was much shorter than previously anticipated.

However, WFAN Radio host Brandon Tierney firmly feels that the New York Yankees should have pursued Cody Bellinger after his ask had dropped. “I don’t want to be greedy here. But the fact that they weren’t in on this bothers me,” said Tierney. He opines that Bellinger is a long racehorse. The outfielder, when partnered with Juan Soto and Aaron Judge, would have made a formidable outfield lineup. Thus, Cody Bellinger is a big-time opportunity lost for the Yanks in the eyes of Brandon Tierney. While Cody’s addition would have added immense strength to the Yankee roster, the existing one isn’t bad either. With Soto and Verdugo, the Bronx Bombers have all the bases covered. Additionally, Jasson Dominguez is waiting to roll as a backup or even a starter once he recovers from Tommy John. Overall, dumping Bellinger seems a reasonable choice for the Yanks.

Jasson Dominguez Takes Swing For First Time Since UCL Injury!

Jasson Dominguez
Just when you thought the Yankees’ season would sputter to an end with no silver linings in sight, here comes Jasson Dominguez, smacking. Serves you right.Photo: AP

In a significant step, Yankees prospect Jasson Dominguez took swings off the tee for the first time since Tommy John surgery. The Martian suffered a UCL tear last year and has been in rehab ever since. This spring, Jasson was mostly throwing and playing catch with his teammates.

However, in a major step towards complete recovery, Dominguez took 20 swings off the tee on Monday this week. The session went well without any hiccups. Moreover, Jasson is expected to appear for another similar session on Wednesday. Regardless, Jasson Dominguez won’t be rushed through recovery for now and will remain unavailable till summer.

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