New York Yankees prospects Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza are still competing to start at shortstop to begin the regular season.AP

With the promotion of Anthony Volpe to the major league, Yankees fans and critics alike wonder what the future holds for Oswald Peraza.

Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza, the top two prospects of the New York Yankees, fought a heart-winning battle this spring training. The prize at stake was the prestigious starting shortstop position on the opening day roster of a $7 billion baseball franchise. Naturally, both the prospects fought tooth and nail and stretched down the fight till the very end.


Further, as the team backed their bags to leave the Tampa camp, Anthony Volpe received much-awaited news. He was handed over the major league cap as he successfully won the shortstop battle by outperforming Oswald. On the other hand, the team assigned Peraza to Triple-A in the minor league, wherein he will begin his 2023 campaign. However, the Yankees have an alternate plan in mind for Peraza to fit him into the roster in the longer run.

Yankees To Experiment With Oswald Peraza In Minor League

Oswald Peraza
The Yankees are calling up top shortstop prospect Oswald Peraza. (Courtesy of Todd Hiller)

While Anthony Volpe enjoyed his moment, Oswald Peraza quietly made his way back to the minors by gracefully accepting defeat. The 22-year-old remained in the front for the most part of the battle, but Volpe’s numbers with the bat weakened Peraza’s case and cost him a spot in the final 26-man roster. Regardless, the team sees loads of potential in the 22-year-old and wants him to come to the majors at some point in his career. However, the Yanks still consider Anthony Volpe as their long-term shortstop solution. So, how will they fit Peraza in the lineup?

Brian Cashman has an answer for this. The general manager stated that they want Oswald Peraza to be flexible enough to fit into the lineup. Hence, the team will experiment with him on the second base in the minor league this season. With Volpe handling the shortstop duties, Peraza will have to sacrifice his top position and be prepared to play anywhere the team wants if he wishes to make it to the major league roster. For what it’s worth, Oswald did play at a second base multiple times during spring training and did a fair job. Hence, the 22-year-old shouldn’t face many difficulties with the new task.

Anthony Volpe To Debut On The Opening Day

Meanwhile, the man of the hour, Anthony Volpe, has departed for Washington DC with the team for the 2023 MLB season. In his first year in the major league, Volpe will likely make his debut right in the league opener against the San Francisco Giants at the iconic stadium in the Bronx. Further, skipper Aaron Boone confirmed that the shortstop would come out to bat in the ninth position on the opening day.

Anthony Volpe
New York Yankees/GettyImages

While the position is way lower, the fact that Anthony Volpe is getting a chance to make his major league debut in the season opener is in itself a big achievement. The 21-year-old never thought his world would take a 360-degree turn in just two months of spring training camp. Moreover, the prospect understands the gravity of this opportunity and has vowed to work twice as hard to contribute to the team.