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Is Anthony Davis Suffering From A Concussion? Lakers Coach Provides Concerning Injury Update

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis had a season full of ups and downs this year. He missed several games due to a stress injury. But after he returned, AD became the leading man of the squad. Despite LeBron James returning to the lineup after missing almost a month’s action on the court, the Lakers were looking at Davis for leadership. James has been playing a bit of a supporting role this time in the postseason.

AD was instrumental enough in the first round of the playoffs against the second-seed Memphis Grizzlies. The Lakers were charged up after Dillon Brooks of the Grizzlies attacked James verbally and physically on the court. Brooks even called LeBron James “old” in pre and post-game interviews. In the end, the Lakers demolished the Grizzlies and paid the price to poke the bear. But now they are in the playoff semis. Currently, the Purple and the Gold Army are leading the series against the Warriors 3-2. But the most important question at present is if Anthony Davis sustained a concussion in Game 5 or not.


Does Anthony Davis Have A Concussion? What Is His Injury Status?

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Lakers Source: Lakers Daily

It has been Anthony Davis who led the Lakers side so well that despite a disastrous start to the season, they are doing pretty well in the postseason. Now, they are on the verge of eliminating the reigning champion. However, the big concern about going to Game 6 remains if AD is ready to play. In Game 5, Davis went on to grab a rebound in the fourth quarter. However, he missed the ball as he got an elbow from Kevon Looney in his head. It did not look good, like the frequent injury scares of AD that have kept popping up this season. Later, he moved to the locker room soon enough via wheelchair. The doctors are still checking in on him.

Now, the question is, did AD suffered a concussion? However, after the game, both LeBron James and Coach Darvin Ham mentioned that everything was okay. As per the latest information, Anthony Davis avoided a concussion. He is not showing any signs of the same. The Lakers head coach Ham also revealed that “AD had been showing signs of improvement sooner than expected. He must be ready for Game 6.” On the other hand, James mentioned that the doctors are working hard on him, and that is what matters the most at this point. Albeit, Davis looked pretty shaken immediately after the injury. However, the referee did not call any fouls against Kevon Looney.

Can Lakers Beat Warriors Without LeBron And Anthony?

Anthony Davis Lakers
Anthony Davis Lakers Source: SBNation

Clearly, it would be scary for the Lakers to face the Warriors without Anthony Davis. He has been the anchor of the Lakers’ defense this season. The purple and gold army needs him in the offense as well as he has been scoring pretty well this season. However, it was not just AD who sustained an injury in the previous game. LeBron James also tweaked his left ankle in the third quarter.

At this point, it could have been a fatal blow to the Laker’s dream of winning the current championship if it was James’ right foot. Furthermore, in the offseason, the King might need to undergo surgery on his right foot due to the tendon injury he suffered back in late February. Only time will tell if the Lakers, with not-so-healthy James and Davis, can manage to beat the defending champions.