LeBron James

LeBron James fandom was taken by shock last weekend when a Kim Kardashian lookalike Instagram model accused the four-time NBA champ of creeping on her. The model claimed that LeBron was creeping on her by sharing a story views window featuring James\’ account. Known as @justghazal_ on Instagram, the model owns a clothing brand named KOLI, based in LA. Although fans have been detrimental towards Just Ghazal and accused her of attracting fame by attacking a reputed athlete like LeBron.

The 18-time All-Star is married to his high school girlfriend, Savannah James, and they have three children together. While fans have no interest in believing in Ghazal\’s claims, she has received a lot of criticism and hatred on social media. Meanwhile, LeBron James decided to refrain from making a statement about the incident.


Thus, to take the matter to the next level, Ghazal took another dig at James by threatening to expose his DMs to the world. The model shared one of the comments in her story from a fan claiming that LeBron might have checked her stories to buy some clothes for his loving wife. The fan added, \”You acting as he slid in yo DM asking to take you on vacation. The caption with the comment read, \”Ya\’ll losing your minds over a story. Imagine if I hit u with the DMs.\”


Thus, Ghazal came up with new claims that LeBron James, the only active billionaire NBA player and among the richest athletes in the world, slid into her DMs and allegedly tried to get her attention. The model claimed that she was happily taken and wrote, \”P.S. Out of all the comments, this is the one. Lol.\”

Are Ghazal\’s Claims True Or A Deceit?

Fans do not feel that Ghazal\’s claims even have a grain of truth in them. LeBron is a role model and is known for being a family man. The four-time NBA MVP spends most of his time with family or keeping busy growing his investments when he is not dominating on the basketball court. Thus, fans feel that Ghazal\’s claims are just a cry for attention to get some fame by taking a dig at the reputed athlete. Before her recent claims, Ghazal shared a story with a caption, \”Every day a new rapper/athlete creepin. GM to ya\’ll, Still a no for me.\”


However, the truth is yet to be revealed about the whole controversy. While LeBron James or his representatives have made no comments, it would be interesting to see if the claims are even true or not. If they turn out to be true, James will have to deal with irreparable damage to his legacy.

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