Domingo German
Domingo German #0 of the New York Yankees walks to the dugout in the second inning against the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre on May 16th. [Source: Getty Images]

Domingo German, the New York Yankees starter who pitched a no-hitter game in the 2023 season, was pulled up mid-season due to an unacceptable violent incident in the Yankee clubhouse. Apparently, German flipped the clubhouse’s couch and TV and abused his teammates under the influence of alcohol.

And accordingly, the Yankees placed him on an alcohol treatment program, thus ending his tenure with the team prematurely. Domingo German then went to the Pittsburgh Pirates this off-season. And in a recent interview with NJ Media, the pitcher accused his former team of creating false narratives as he wasn’t drunk at the time of the incident and insisted that he does not have a drinking problem.


Domingo German Forcefully Entered Alcohol Treatment Program As Yankees Refused To Pay His Salary

Domingo German Yankees
Domingo German Yankees Source: CNN

Former New York Yankees problematic pitcher Domingo German threw shade at his former team in a detailed interview with NJ Media. German reflected on the violent clubhouse incident from last year in which he allegedly flipped the couch, smashed a TV, and abused his teammates while intoxicated. However, German dismissed the charges, saying he wasn’t drunk on the day of the incident. But did sip a few shots a day before to curb his frustration. The frustration was a result of his canceled start due to arm soreness while he believed he was completely fine to take the mound. Instead, Jhony Brito was recalled from minor league to replace him, and Ron Marinaccio was sent back to make room in the roster.

However, Domingo German was confronted by his Yankee teammate for disrespecting Marinaccio by playing loud music in the clubhouse while the reliever packed his stuff to leave. That enraged German, as disrespecting Ron was not his intention, and he lost his cool. The pitcher admitted that it was a dark day in his life, and he had no control over his temper. However, the claim that he was intoxicated and had a drinking problem is false. “I can go a month or two months without drinking,” said German. The ex-Yankee further revealed that he voluntarily agreed to enter an alcohol treatment program as the Yankees threatened to revoke his salary. And since he needed the money, his family nudged him to oblige the team’s orders. Nevertheless, Domingo German accepted that it was a stupid situation that could have been avoided.

Ron Marinaccio Says Water Is Under The Bridge With Domingo German

Ron Marinaccio
Ron Marinaccio AP

While Domingo German was flipping the Yankees clubhouse, Ron Marinaccio had no idea that he was involved in the incident. Ron also spoke to NJ media to reveal that he never felt disrespected by German and that he had no hard feelings for the outbound pitcher. 

Not only that, Ron Marinaccio referred to Domingo German as a good teammate for him he rooted for every single day in Bronx. The relief pitcher insisted that German never mocked him in the face and that he never had any beef with the pitcher during his tenure with the Yankees. “He was always laughing. He was a good teammate to me,” said Marinaccio.

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