Domingo German Yankees
Domingo German Yankees Source: CNN

The New York Yankees waited long enough to let go of some players who never really contributed with anything. These players were simply taking up a lot of space in the roster. Moreover, it did not help the NY side to go very far with this roster, let alone winning a World Series. At present, the Yankees are trying to utilize the extra month of the offseason to the best of their abilities. They kicked start the offseason, at first, announcing the plan to release six players who don’t fit in their roster. On Monday, the Yankees announced they are releasing Domingo German, Franchy and Jimmy Cordero, Bill McKinney, and Ryan Weber.

These players are heading toward free agency. It won’t be easy for these players to sign with another team right away. After all, these players had a problematic, struggling, and somewhat troublesome time with the Yankees. Other teams are also aware of that fact. Hence, none of these six players may resume their career in the league after this free agency. In the case of Domingo German, the Yankees had the intention to trade him to the minor league. But Domingo refused to take the assignment. As a result, he became a free agent.


Finally, Yankees Part Ways With Domingo German And Franchy Cordero

Franchy Cordero Yankees
Franchy Cordero Yankees Source: Pio Deportes

But to make it clear, Domingo German has not been a player without any impact or significance at all. Moreover, just five months ago, Domingo threw the 24th perfect game in the league’s history. Hence, this pitcher had the skills to be a great player. But he wasted it with his questionable attitude. Back in June, the former Yankees pitcher got to be a starter in a few more games after he threw the 24th perfect game. In fact, at five more games, he was in the starting lineup. Later, he entered alcohol rehab for treatment. At the end of the season, Domingo had a 4.56 ERA after 108 2/3 innings.

Throughout his tenure with the New York Yankees, this pitcher faced criticism for inconsistency and issues off the field. Back in 2020, he slapped his girlfriend, allegedly after a charity gala of former teammate CC Sabathia. As a result, he received suspension for 81 games that year. Moreover, he missed the entire season after MLB shortened the season due to the COVID-19 pandemic to 60 games. Later, in 2021, Domingo joined the team back. He opened in 2021 as a starter. But Domingo’s season got cut short due to a shoulder injury. Later, in 2022, he served as the team’s sixth starter. In 2022, he started in 14 games and posted a 3.61 ERA.

Domingo Received Suspension In 2023 As Well

Domingo German Yankees
Domingo German Yankees Source: CNN

Initially, this season, the Yankees expected Domingo to play a similar role. But injuries to key players like Luis Severino and Carlos Rodon allowed Domingo to play a more prominent role in the rotation of the NY side. Later, in May this year, Domingo received yet another suspension. But this time, it was a 10-game suspension due to substance abuse. He violated the league’s Foreign Substance Policy.

That’s why, during a game, he got ejected. But after six more games as a starter since the suspension, he threw the perfect game. However, this year, the Bronx Bombers suffered a big blow as they could not even make the postseason. It was a big blow to the 27-time champions. They realized enough was enough and planned to make big changes throughout the organization.