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“I Cried The Whole Morning,” Yankees’ Juan Soto Gloriously Admits His Heart Is Still At Nationals

Juan Soto rose through the ranks of MLB within six years after his debut with the Washington Nationals. In his seven-year-long career, Soto won a World Series championship, three all-star recognitions, and four Silver Slugger awards. The slugger is no less than a superstar in the present American baseball scene.

However, Juan Soto’s journey as a generational talent wasn’t easy as widely presumed. He had to scuffle teams twice in separate blockbuster trade deals. While trades and free agency are part and parcel of MLB, Juan Soto had a tough time dealing with his first breakup with the Washington Nationals back in 2022.


Juan Soto Thought He Would End His Career With Nationals

Juan Soto
Credit: Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

In a prolific move, the Washington Nationals traded its generational star Juan Soto to the San Diego Padres in exchange for CJ Abrams, MacKenzie Gore, Robert Hassell, James Wood, Jarlin Susana, and Luke Voit. The trade package’s magnitude sent waves across the league as many deemed it one of the craziest events in the history of the league. However, Soto wasn’t pleased initially with the call. In his latest conversation with Chris Kirschner of The Athletic, Soto revealed that he cried the whole morning when he was traded to the Padres. He never thought he would leave the Nationals as he considered the franchise his family. Soto went on to add that he knew everybody in the franchise from top to bottom and felt at ease.

“I was happy. I had a house in Washington,” said Soto. However, the generational slugger’s world came crashing down when Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo informed him of the trade. While Soto had trouble wrapping his head around the change of dynamics initially, he eventually made peace with it. “I never thought I was going to leave D.C. I was really thinking I was going to stay there for my whole career,” said Soto. But the slugger also understood that it’s the business side of the league, and he has to respect that. That being said, the 25-year-old had an opportunity to stay with the Nationals, possibly till the end of his career. Washington offered him a $440 million extension contract for 15 years, which he seemingly rejected. But if one looks at the broader picture, Soto’s decision was wise as he is expected to earn at least $500 million next free agency.

Soto Excited To Witness Dominican Community’s Support In New York


Juan Soto is now a Yankee as another trade deal forced him to travel to New York City. However, this time, the generational star isn’t complaining about the change in scenery. It is because he is expected to feel homely vibes from the presence of the Dominican community within the vibrant city of New York.

Juan Soto told Chris Kirschner of The Athletic that he will get World Baseball Classic vibes every single night in the Bronx. He is looking forward to the unbelievable support. Overall, the generational slugger is excited to be a part of a storied franchise like the New York Yankees and dreams of winning a championship title this year.

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