After months of delay, the FIA is finally set to bring in the new technical directive at the Belgian GP. Several teams struggled with the porpoising effects in the newly designed F1 car. While Red Bull and Ferrari managed to get over the issue easily, Mercedes’ early start to the campaign was spoiled by the violent bouncing. The two Mercedes drivers struggled to find the pace to compete with the frontrunners due to the outstanding issue and have failed to win a single race so far in 2022. 

However, the FIA finally intervened after Hamilton and several other drivers complained about the porpoising concerns, citing drivers’ safety. The F1 governing body brought in a technical directive that was supposed to come into action during the French GP. But, several teams, including Red Bull and Ferrari, openly protested any changes in the current championship and 2023. During the investigation into porpoising, the FIA also discovered that several teams have been exploiting the Flexi-floor loophole. This includes the two leading outfits, Red Bull and Ferrari. It is believed to be a major reason behind Red Bull and Ferrari’s significant pace advantage. Now with the new technical directive in place, the FIA will monitor the number of vertical oscillations produced by each car. 

Toto Wolff, Christian Horner & Mattia Binotto
Horner, Wolff & Binotto

Moreover, all teams would have to meet the updated regulations regarding plank wear and skid stiffness. Thus, it is believed that the change in the Flexi-floor regulations might affect the frontrunners’ pace and provide Mercedes with an advantage in Spa and next season as well. The Silver Arrows have not won a single race so far. It has been the first time since 2012 that the german manufacturer entered the summer break without a single win. Thus, it would be interesting to see if the regulations change actually affects Red Bull and Ferrari’s pace during the upcoming racing weekend. 

Red Bull Might Have The Advantage In Spa

Red Bull boss Christian Horner insisted that the regulation change would have little impact on his team’s performance. Meanwhile, George Russell was sure that Red Bull and Ferrari benefitted from the loophole, unlike Mercedes. He believed that the two front-running outfits could move towards the Silver Arrows after the change in regulations.


However, Red Bull would have a clear advantage if the technical regulation did not affect the grid. Beating Max Verstappen could prove to be a quite difficult task. Red Bull is sure to have a straight-line pace advantage on a revamped and faster circuit. Spa is a low downforce track with long straights in the first and final sectors. Thus, Red Bull’s dominant straight-line pace could prove to be crucial this weekend. It would also be interesting to see how Ferrari comes back from a difficult situation while Mercedes look to keep up the good work.