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Max Verstappen is having the time of his life. After a long wait, the Dutchman was able to crack his way to the top of the grid. He won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021, which sealed the deal for the Red Bull ace. It was a close finish to an exciting championship. Max won over the defending champion, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, by a narrow margin. It was controversial and filled with a lot of drama, but the Red Bull driver won the title anyway. Since then, Verstappen has not looked back. In the last season as well, there was no competition. Charles Leclerc of Ferrari came second to Max Verstappen but was far from the Dutchman with a vast gap.

Such dominating season victories seldom happen in Formula One in modern times. But if Max Verstappen has the fastest car on the grid, then such seasons can happen again. In an early interview, Max said, “All I need is a fast car, and I’ll do the rest.” Well, his wish has come true. Red Bull has provided him with the fastest car, and Verstappen is getting the most out of it at every chance he gets. As it stands currently, Max will probably win his third consecutive driver’s world championship at the end of the year. However, former Red Bull driver Daniil Kavyat, who shares a different kind of relationship with Verstappen, has come out to discuss some of the important aspects of the current champion’s life. Keep reading to find out.


Daniil Kvyat Believes Max Verstappen Stole Everything

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Daniil Kvyat Red Bull

Former Red Bull driver Daniil Kvyat recently spoke about Max Verstappen in an interview. Albeit, he was not in all praise for his replacement in the Red Bull F1 team, Verstappen. Currently, Kvyat is part of the Prema Racing team in the 2023 FIA World Endurance Championship. However, the 28-year-old Russian driver was part of Formula One a few years back. He last raced in the 2020 F1 season. Later Kvyat raced in NASCAR as well.

The Russian driver praised Verstappen for being strong wheel to wheel. However, Kvyat acknowledged that Red Bull gives Max everything he possibly needs. According to the former Red Bull driver, any driver can lose if they don’t get help from their respective team. But Max gets too much help from Red Bull. There can be more than one reason for Daniil to be not in all praise for Verstappen. Not only did he replace Kvyat in the Red Bull team back in 2016. Max is also in a serious relationship with Kvyat’s then-girlfriend, Kelly Piquet.

Verstappen Is In A Relationship With Kvyat’s Ex-Girlfriend, Kelly Piquet

Daniil Kvyat Kelly Piquet
Daniil Kvyat Kelly Piquet

Not only did Max scrap Daniil out of the Red Bull paddock, but the Red Bull star is also in a relationship with Kvyat’s ex-girlfriend, Kelly Piquet. Daniil Kvyat even had a daughter named Penelope with Kelly. But as it turns out, Penelope is also very fond of Max Verstappen. Penelope and Max seem to get along very well. The videos of the two of them together, while Max is busy with his virtual racing career, are adorable.

Shortly after Kvyat and Piquet broke up, the Dutchman announced his relationship with Kelly to the whole world in an Instagram post on January 1, 2021. Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet have been a couple officially since then. But as it turns out, Daniil was not very happy for the couple. Reports from Business F1 Magazine suggest, Kvyat mentioned, “Max Verstappen stole my partner.”