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Can Lewis Hamilton Move To Ferrari After Mercedes’ Major Slump? Charles Leclerc Also Facing Troubles With The Scuderia

Lewis Hamilton is evidently facing a lot of issues with Mercedes. In the new era of the cost cap, Mercedes has lost its touch. They used to dominate the grid for 6-7 years. The Brackley team was winning the constructor’s title as well as the driver’s world championship in a row for these seven years. But everything changed with the introduction of the cost cap era in 2021.

Mercedes won the constructor’s title but missed out on the driver’s world championship that year. Lewis Hamilton came extremely close but is yet so far from his eighth title. The seven-time champ has been looking for that title ever since. However, no luck as of yet. It is mainly due to the poor condition of the W14 car. Until the car gets fixed, fate won’t turn around for Hamilton. Albeit, it does not look like happening anytime soon. So, what will the Briton do? Looks like the former champion is thinking to make a major move.


Eddie Jordan Thinks Lewis Hamilton Should Move To Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

After the first two races of the season in Bahrain and Jeddah this year, Ferrari looked like a better car than Mercedes. However, with the Ferrari, their best driver Charles Leclerc is facing a lot of issues. So, what if the Monégasque may think about leaving Ferrari? According to the Irish businessman Eddie Jordan, “Mercedes and Ferrari should exchange Hamilton and Leclerc.” The contract between Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes is about to end this year. And there is no new update on a new agreement being signed between the two.

Anyway, Lewis Hamilton has cleared before that he wouldn’t leave Mercedes until something very wrong happens between him and Toto Wolff. But Jordan argues that Ferrari has got the car to compete with Red Bull. But the two drivers, Leclerc and Sainz, are not able to get the best result out of the vehicle as of yet. Hence, it is essential for the Red Devils to find a driver who can win championships with the perfect car. According to Jordan, “It would be great for F1 if Hamilton joins Ferrari.”

Toto Wolff Won’t Have Any Hard Feelings If Lewis Decides To Leave

Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton
Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Hypothetically, if this happens, then who would Lewis Hamilton replace in Ferrari? Charles Leclerc has got a long-term deal with the Red Devils, and he is supposed to be their future star. On the other hand, Carlos Sainz has done a better job than Leclerc after three races this season. In Mercedes, it looks like George Russell is gradually becoming the favorite of the team over Hamilton. After he won the 192nd podium finish of his career, nobody from his team came to greet him except a few from the PR team, and that’s it. What was that all about?

Toto Wolff had mentioned before that if they are not able to provide Lewis Hamilton with a championship-winning car in the next two years. The seven-time champion should then look for a new team. There won’t be any hard feelings between the two. Wolff further added that he does not think Hamilton would plan to leave Mercedes after this year, maybe after two more years. With Mercedes, Hamilton won six driver’s titles, so it will be a tough decision to end the partnership.