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D’Angelo Russell Promotes Unauthorized Drink Brand At After-Game Press Conference; Video Goes Viral

D’Angelo Russell has been a quality entry to the Los Angeles Lakers squad in February. In fact, his addition to the lineup made such a big difference that the squad, from being in no position to making the postseason, finally made it. Not only D’Lo but a lot of guys came in February to help the Lakers look balanced.

This includes Rui Hachimura, Jarred Vanderbilt, Malik Beasley, and so on. But D’Angelo Russell became an integral part of the Lakers team a little too quickly. Now, as the Lakers are heading to Game 4 of the playoffs, they depend on the four horsemen – LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Austin Reaves, and D’Angelo Russell. Out of these four guys, D’Lo is the newest member of the Lakers squad this season.


D’Angelo Russell Had A Hilarious Post-Match Moment

D'Angelo Russell Austin Reaves
D’Angelo Russell Austin Reaves Lakers

All seriousness apart, after the game, there was a hilarious moment surrounding D’Angelo Russell at the press conference. He started to promote a drink that had nothing to do with the sponsors of the NBA. Russell was holding a drink called Coco5. Even though it is not partnered with NBA per se, it has got a lot of big names from the league’s history and is present as a partner. For instance, Charles Barkley, Derrick Rose, and Devin Booker are owners and ambassadors of the drink. Later an NBA staff member at the press conference asked Russell to put the drink away. However, D’Angelo Russell replied, “Fine Me. You’ve got to take it from me.” The staff member even tried to get Russell away from the eyes of the public.

Naturally, the people present there, reporters, correspondents, and other media members, could not stop laughing. D’Angelo Russell did not miss out on a single opportunity to say, “Coco5.” He promoted the drink as long as he was there at the press conference. The Twitter account of Coco5 showed appreciation for D’Lo’s assistance. They even said that D’Angelo Russell should get promoted to the Director of Marketing. Whatever happens to him as the partner of the drink, it was nothing short of a hilarious D’Lo moment. It should amuse the Lakers fans as well after their team earned a crucial lead over the Grizzlies. Anyway, D’Angelo Russell will need to stay fit and in top form to take the Lakers forward in the playoffs.

Lakers Would Want D’Lo To Be Part Of The Squad For A Long Time

D'Angelo Russell
D’Angelo Russell Lakers Vs Rockets

Albeit, D’Lo started his NBA career with the Lakers back in 2015. Then he moved to the Nets in 2017 but stayed the longest with the Timberwolves from 2020 to 2023. However, in the second month of the current year, Russell returned to where his journey started. Now as things stand, the front office of the Lakers must think about keeping D’Lo Russell for the foreseeable future.

He might be handy to build their roster around after the James-Davis era ends. However, the Lakers are currently focusing on progressing through the playoffs. After the first three games of the series against the Grizzlies, the Lakers lead 2-1. It was a crucial victory in Game 3.