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Good News For Mercedes Fans! New W14 Feature 0.3 Sec Gain In Performance

Rounding off the 2022 Formula One season with just a solitary win with George Russell’s courtesy gave one aim to team Mercedes: Bring a changed car in the upcoming season. Mercedes changed the entire livery of the car, outer, underneath, everywhere; the W13 has got an evolution. Teasing fans with silver tints and green paints via social media, Mercedes made us all believe that the W14 will once again follow the traditional Silver theme.

However, the Silver Arrows surprised fans by not bringing the silver livery. The new Mercedes F1 challenger successfully completed its first run in Silverstone on the launch day last week. Lewis Hamilton and the 2022 pride-saver for Mercedes, George Russell, drove the new hope for Mercedes’ new car, the W14, last Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. The experience was “pretty good,” as suggested by the drivers themselves. However, some of the F1 pundits emerged to claim that this single-seater of Mercedes will once again give porpoising issues; it is not as fast as fans expected it to be.


Meanwhile, despite those adverse claims for Mercedes, very positive and good news has been born in the Silver Arrows. Seems like the black livery of the car is finally working. The main issue with the W13 was it being overweight and full of bouncing problems. Mercedes’s main aim during the winter break was to overcome these issues, and happily, they succeeded in doing so.

The Mercedes W14 Is Already 0.3s Faster Than W13 Due To New Paintjob

By changing the traditional silver scheme to the shining black, Mercedes managed to reduce the car’s weight. And this has provided a “gain of up to three-tenths per lap.” This came as the result of changing some internal parts of the car and using carbon in the livery. According to a Formula One journalist, Giuliano Dichessa, in the Bahrain test running, the German motor brand will prove the fact they are back with their standard pace.

Lewis Hamilton and Andy Shovlin

Meanwhile, fans can remain satisfied with what Russell said after driving the 2023 Mercedes championship winning. Sharing his personal experience, the 24-year-old explained, “We [the team] are in a pretty strong place. Not only physically but also mentally, I feel that I am in the strongest place.” It feels good within himself to work with the new team. George is really happy driving alongside the seven-time world champion once again.

Meanwhile, the 103 Grand Prix winner, Lewis Hamilton, also assured fans of a great season this time. After driving the black W14, the Briton said, “So far, [things have been] so good.” He admitted that the car ran very smoothly. And it is really great for him to get behind the wheel and see the car in the flesh.