Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James is one of the most popular NBA stars of the generation. Meanwhile, after having over a two-decade-long career in one of the world’s most expensive leagues, there is no doubt James has done quite well for himself financially. With a net worth of over 1.2 billion USD, James is among the richest NBA stars. However, it wasn’t always like that for the star. Coming from the humblest of backgrounds, LeBron went through tough days of struggle during his early years.

LeBron James Opens Up About His Early Financial Struggles!

NBA stars have fortunes in the millions and sometimes billions of dollars. Their extravagant lifestyles are readily concealed by their enormous residences and expensive automobiles. However, many of these NBA stars were raised in circumstances that were quite difficult. Lebron James is one of these prosperous NBA players. And his current way of life makes it impossible to imagine the struggles he has endured.

LeBron james
LeBron James

Recently, LeBron James appeared in the Nike series titled “What are you working on”. In the series, viewers see LeBron returning to his childhood hometown of Akron, Ohio. James went on various city excursions and ran upon former classmates. The video’s narrator, James, talked about his involvement with the neighborhood and his ambitions for the future. In Akron, Ohio, James was raised by a single mother and had a very basic upbringing. LeBron’s mother strained to support her family while his father has stayed out of the picture.

In the video, LeBron James opened up about the tough times when he was almost nothing. LeBron revealed, “There were times when I could literally go in there and buy stuff and there were times when I couldn’t.” King James also shared the problems he faced while growing up. Therefore, he is working to make sure the next generation of kids in the city have better life and opportunities in their growing-up years. 

LeBron James

LeBron James also visited St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, House Three Thirty, the Spring Hill Apartments, and the I Promise School. The LeBron Family Foundation acquired the event venue House Three Thirty in 2020. It is being restored for use by the ‘I Promise’ School and given its name after Akron’s local area code. Evidently, the Akorn native is regarded by many as one of the best basketball players in history. Cleveland selected him in the NBA Draft in 2003. He then assisted the Cavaliers in winning their first NBA championship in 2016.

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