When you reach the apex in your career, every coming championship is an opportunity to break and create new records for fun. The Lakers star and one of the all-time greats of NBA, LeBron James, is certainly on that stage in his career. Even though James’ main goal for the 2022-23 NBA season would be to lift the 5th championship title with the Lakers, it is also an opportunity for him to break a few records. So, let’s take a look at the record that King James could break this coming season. 

Passing Kareem Abdul Jabbar As The Highest Scorer!

In the 2022–23 season, LeBron James is on pace to break Kareem Abdul Jabbar‘s record for the highest score. For the Lakers star, it will be everything but easy. Kareem holds the all-time scoring record with 38,387 points, which James is 1,325 points shy of. In 44 games, he can pass the legendary Lakers player if he can keep up his scoring average of 30.3 from the previous year.

LeBron James

James likely won’t play in every game to open the season. The Akron Hammer, who is 38 years old, will probably take a few breaks now and then as the Lakers try to save him for the crucial matches in the season. James has to score between 23 and 26 points per game if he wants to surpass Kareem’s record.

Most Three Pointers!

LeBron James

It would be insane that LeBron James or anyone else can surpass Steph Curry as the leading 3-point scorer anytime soon. However, it is certainly a chance for LeBron James to make it into the top ten players in the list of most 3-pointer in NBA history. Given that James already has 2,140 3-pointer under his name. He is just three away from tying Paul Pierce and Damian Lillard. Therefore, fans are pretty confident that this is a record LeBron James will break. 

Most Games Played! 

The ‘King’ will enter the upcoming 2022 NBA season with 1,366 games played. If James manages to be fit and play at least 45 out of the Lakers’ 82 games, he would have the chance to enter the top ten list in terms of most games played in the NBA. In doing so, LeBron James will leave behind the likes of Tim Duncan, Jason Terry, Reggie Miller, and Jason Kidd. Meanwhile, former NBA star Robert Lee Parish will keep his crown for most on-court appearances with 1611 games in total.  

Most Triple-Doubles In The NBA

With 184 triple-doubles, James’ teammate Russell Westbrook may be difficult for him to catch. However, he can make progress in the category. With 99, LeBron James is eight points short of tying Jason Kidd for fourth place all-time in that category. James has some work to do to surpass Magic Johnson’s record of 138 triple-doubles, considering he only had six last year.

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