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Gleyber Torres Squashes Blame Game Amid Halted Extension Talks With New York Yankees

Second baseman Gleyber Torres is fully self-aware as he enters his walk year with the New York Yankees. The infielder posted a successful season with the bat last year. However, despite everything, his future in the Bronx is up in flames. Amid future uncertainty, Torres turned up for spring training last week.

Gleyber Torres’ contract with the Yankees is set to expire by the end of the 2024 season. As far as extension talks are concerned, Brian Cashman confirmed no headway. Amid this, the infielder addressed the issue and revealed how he wants to be a Yankee for life as he considers New York his home.


Gleyber Torres Understands Yankees’ Reluctancy To Offer Extension Deal!

Gleyber slides into home. Twitter NYY

Gleyber Torres has been with the New York Yankees since 2016. He grew as a player for the years and rescued the team in clutch situations. Barring a couple of bad seasons during the COVID era, Torres’ tenure in the Bronx has been largely successful. However, the second baseman is uncertain if he will get to don the pinstripes after the 2024 season. As Torres entered his walk year, he talked about the jitters of the walk year. He reckoned how he did not want to leave the Bronx as he considered the Yanks his home and the teammates and fans his family. However, Torres fully understands the business aspect of MLB. “I think sometimes it’s going to be my last year here because I don’t know what’s the business plan next year,” said Torres.

However, Gleyber Torres completely understands the Yankees leadership’s reluctance to offer an extension contract. The second baseman cited the examples of Luis Severino and Aaron Hicks. These two were re-signed during their primes. But failed miserably to post that. Thus, Torres believes the club fears the same with him. “I don’t blame the organization for no talks about an extension,” said Torres. Regardless, the infielder hopes to sit at a table with Brian Cashman to negotiate extension terms soon. But in case that does not happen, Torres is mentally prepared to explore options next free agency. “If not, let’s see what happens in the future,” added Torres. A big and pivotal year is coming up for Gleyber with respect to his future in the league.

Gleyber Torres Is Confident Of Pulling Off A Special Year In 2024!

Gleyber Torres
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Gleyber Torres is treating this season as his last in the pinstripes. Thus, understandably, he would want to finish his eight-year association with NYY on a high. Meanwhile, in a latest conversation with reporters on Wednesday in Tampa, the infielder says the Yanks have one of the strongest lineups in recent history this year. “I feel like we have everything we need to do something special this year,” said Torres.

Having said that, the stakes are indeed higher for Gleyber Torres this year. Even if the Yankees have already decided against his extension, he needs to put up a better season to boost his free agency campaign. This year, Torres signed a record arbitration deal as well. Now, the infielder must only aim upwards. A good season will fetch him higher monetary gains next off-season.

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