Luis Severino
Luis Severino is a walk-year player who could get traded ahead of the deadline. Jason Szenes for the NY Post

After an eye-opening 2023 MLB season, the New York Yankees were forced to make tough decisions. The roster combinations weren’t working, and they learned it the hard way. Nonetheless, in a first big step towards rebuilding, the franchise parted ways with several Yankee players who underachieved, including SP Luis Severino.

His eight-year association with the New York Yankees came to an abrupt end after a season wherein he called himself the worst pitcher. Luis Severino finished the frustrating season with a 6.65 ERA across 19 games, which included 18 starts. The pitcher not only struggled with his rhythm on the mound but also suffered from multiple injuries. Eventually, the former Yankee was ousted and found a new home across the subway this off-season.


Luis Severino Makes His First Appearance As A Met!

Luis Severino
Luis Severino reacts during the Yankees’ loss to the White Sox on June 8. Robert Sabo for the NY Post

Former New York Yankees pitcher Luis Severino became an unrestricted free agent by the end of the worst season of his career. In 2023, Severino plummeted to a new low and was all over the place with his control and command over pitches. The Yankee management gave their best but couldn’t salvage the damage. Eventually, the team decided to let him go earlier this off-season. However, weeks later, Severino found a suitor in none other than the New York Mets. A couple of weeks ago, the Mets signed Severino in a one-year $13 million contract. Meanwhile, the pitcher made his first appearance in Mets colors and shed light on his connection with his previous organization.

In his introductory press conference with Mets, Luis Severino said that he didn’t imagine himself playing anywhere else than the Bronx. He claimed that he always believed that he would die a Yankee. But perhaps fate had other plans. Having said that, Severino intends to start his stint with the Mets on a clean slate. He holds no regret or grudge towards his previous organization. Moreover, Severino explained why he chose to join forces with the Mets this off-season. “I need people that will tell me the truth when I am not doing good,” said Luis Severino. He added that he is working on fixing pitch tipping and addressing other concerns simultaneously. It would be interesting to see how Severino moves on from his career-worst season to regain his dominant self with the Mets.

Yankee Fans In Agony As Severino Name Drops Yankees While Addressing Mets Fans!

Luis Severino smiles as he comes out of the game after 6.2 scoreless innings of work. via Twitter NYY

In an interesting turn of events, Luis Severino accidentally name-dropped Yankees while addressing Mets fans in his introductory press conference. The video of the goof up went viral on social media and reached the Bronx. Meanwhile, the Yankee fans were overwhelmed with the moment and couldn’t help but acknowledge the pitcher’s hidden connection with pinstripes.

Many fans took to social media to highlight how Luis Severino still misses his old organizations. After all, moving on from an eight-year association is not a cakewalk. Of course, as and when time passes, Severino will mold himself with the Mets. But the Yankees organization will always hold a special place in his career and life alike.