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Porpoising and Lewis Hamilton\’s poor form have been the biggest reason behind Mercedes\’ failure to win a single race during this season of Formula One. However, the young British driver George Russell has surely turned out to be a positive for Mercedes in the season. Recently, the 24-year-old Briton was featured in an interview where he talked about his future. So, let\’s find out what did George Russel say in the interview.

\”I Have Nothing To Loose\”, Says George Russell!

Ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix, Mercedes driver George Russell, who is in his first year with Mercedes, interacted with \’I\’ in an interview. During the discussion, George talked about a variety of topics. This includes his love for eSports and performing better than veteran Lewis Hamilton in the ongoing Formula One Season.


Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, is 35 points behind the 24-year-old in fourth place in the drivers\’ standings, who is in his debut season with Mercedes. Surprisingly, he has surpassed Hamilton in almost the 16 races he has competed in thus far this season. And now, Russell has discussed how he deals with pressure working alongside the seven-time world champion.


On being asked about his competition with Lewis Hamilton, Russell reckoned, \”He has won everything, the stats speak for themselves, so why should a young 24-year-old be able to compete with that?\” George Russell believes that he has got nothing to lose. Thus, he finds himself in a \”win-win\” position. Russell also discussed his dream of becoming an F1 world champion in the future. The young Briton is doing all in his power to boost the performance and overall package in the near future. Therefore, he can certainly accomplish his long-term objective.

If Russell manages to put up a strong performance in Sunday\’s Singapore Grand Prix, he will be in the hunt for finishing in the top three of the drivers\’ championship. This will be the first major success for the young Mercedes driver. Whatever happens, there is no doubt that George is leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of glory. 

Can Mercedes Pull Off A Surprise In Singapore With Victory?


Even during their most successful years, Singapore hasn\’t always been a stronghold for Mercedes. But this season, they have surprised the fans at tracks like this by performing better than they anticipated.

Members of the crew refer to the W13 as a \”diva,\” and while they are more knowledgeable about how the car operates. There are undoubtedly some issues that need to be resolved. But could they pull off a surprise and do well here this weekend? Only time will tell how things turn out.

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